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  • Castles of Dion, Oren, Aden and Gludio are now controlled by NPC and cannot be captured.

    Giran Siege (top)

    There are the rules for Siege of Giran:

    Siege time - Sunday from 22:00 p.m. till 23:00 p.m. server time
    Siege preparation time - Sunday from 20:00 p.m. till 22:00 p.m. server time
    Conditions for the registration of siege/defence - Clan level 3 or higher
    • There are several options available during the preparation for a siege: registration for attack or defence, recruitment of mercenaries or participating as a mercenary;
    • A player can choose any of the options - registration for attack or defence, recruitment of mercenaries or participating as a mercenary - by clicking on siege icon which becomes available during the Siege preparation time;
    • A player can teleport to the right, left and central part of Giran Castle for free, using the siege information screen during the siege.

    Features (top)

    • Characters can’t move through each other during the siege;
    • Ally characters can involuntarily attack each other (members/mercenaries of the same clan);
    • Death during a siege does not cause experience loss penalty;
    • If a siege participant dies (except members of a clan defending the castle) he can be revived in a special area;
    • A player can use “Teleport” and “My Teleports” during the siege;
    • Clan skills “Imprint of Light” and “Imprint of Darkness” were combined into one skill “Seal of Ruler”;
    • “Seal of Ruler” reuse time is 2 minutes.

    Mercenary system (top)

    • Now players can join a siege as a mercenary;
    • Each clan registered for attack or defence can recruit mercenaries. To recruit mercenaries click on “Choose mercenaries” button in the siege information screen;
    • A clan cannot refuse to those who want to become mercenaries. If there are any requests from players to participate in a siege, a clan cannot deny registration for attacking or defending the castle.
    • Mercenaries recruitment rules:
      • Lv. 65 and higher.
      • Member of a clan not registered for attacking or defending the castle.
      • Non-Clan member character.
      • If a character’s clan is at war with a clan sieging the castle this character cannot take part in siege as a mercenary.

    • To become a mercenary a player should click on “List of Mercenaries” icon in the siege information screen and choose a clan he wants to fight for;
    • As soon as request for a siege is submitted:
      • Character’s name changes to '***-number', for example: ***-001.
      • Clan membership temporarily changes.
      • Clan/alliance/party channel/heroes channel/private messages chat is blocked.
      • Hiring as a mercenary is cancelled if a character’s clan registers for a siege or defence.

    • A mercenary can be invited to a party by choosing his character;
    • After the siege is over the party with a mercenary is disbanded;
    • A character hired by another clan cannot be invited to a party.
    • A character receives a part of tax collected during a week between sieges as a reward for fighting as a mercenary and active participation in a siege;
    • Mercenary character receives a reward only in case a clan hired him won the siege.
    Effect for highlighting a sign of attacking and defending leaders in Siege Zone has been added.
    • Badges size of clan members and mercenaries is smaller than leader’s badge size;
    • When a clan leader or an ordinary clan member is typing a message in a chat a special icon indicating clan membership appears;

    Tax (top)

    • A clan leader with the help of Chamberlain can impose a tax from 0% to 30%;
    • A changed tax rate takes effect at midnight the next day;
    • All the merchants in the castle are assigned to Giran and all the collected taxes are sent to Giran;
    • Collected taxes are temporarily stored and are sent to the castle's treasury right after the siege.

    Spectator Mode (top)

    • Players can watch a siege for free using a city Broadcasting;
    • In spectator mode a player can watch the situation moving his character;
    • Player’s character is invisible to other characters in spectator mode;
    • During spectator mode all the features which can affect a siege are blocked.
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