PK System Changes

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  • PK System.png

    PK Debuff Penalty

    • Added a system that applies a penalty according to karma.
      • If a character repeats PKs and their karma drops below zero, they will receive
        Einhasad's Observation debuff.
      • To remove Einhasad's Observation, the character must increase their karma by either hunting monsters or dying.
    LevelKarma PointsDescription
    1-1080Decrease P. Def./M. Def. by 5% and movement speed by 5.
    2-2880Decrease P. Def./M. Def. by 10% and movement speed by 10.
    3-4320Decrease P. Def./M. Def. by 15% and movement speed by 30.
    4 (New)-5760Decrease P. Def./M. Def. by 30% and movement speed by 35. Cannot use escape (e.g. Scroll of Escape, My Teleport, or Instant Teleport)

    Consecutive PK Consequences

    • The Einhasad's Observation debuff will be applied to your character based on consecutive kills without resetting Karma points back to zero. A Lv. 4 debuff will be applied (not Lv. 3) automatically when killing more than 4 players in a row.
    Consecutive KillsKarma PointsDebuff applied
    Killed 1 player-720-
    Killed 2 players-1800Lv.1
    Killed 3 players-3240Lv.2
    Killed 4 players-6120Lv.4
    Killed 5 players-9720Lv.4
    Killed 6 players-10000 (max)Lv.4
    • When PK count is 8 or higher, killing 1 player will prevent you from using escape Skills (need to use Scroll: PK or complete Sin Eater quest to reduce PK count).

    PK Location Tracking

    • The locations of characters with more than -5760 Karma points will be shown on the world map (same as the feature of showing the location of Cursed Sword users on the Live server).
    • The number of the PKers whose locations are shown on the map is limited up to 30 players.
      PKers will not be shown on the world map if they've just logged in or are playing in instanced zones or world instanced zones (same as the Revenge System rules).
    • If you are the target character, then your icon will not be displayed on the world map.
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