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Event L-Coins for the clans every week!

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L-Coins for the clans every week! 

It's no secret that almost all servers give bonuses, boosts or just pay the game to the clans. And in our time this is normal, most of the l2 community nowadays are adults who have work, families and other responsibilities. In such realities, it is quite difficult to organize a clan, recruit and control people who keep online and attend absolutely all events (Siege, RB, Epics, etc.).

On our server, these bonuses are completely transparent, the conditions and rewards are the same for everyone. For us there are no "special" players, all clans are equal and any player is important for us and for the server as a whole.


Starting from the second stage of the server, every week all active parties in the clans will receive L-Coins:

For main server

db749017e48ccb2cc91f40cc6484012b.pngChest : 1000 L-Coins for each active party member (up to 10k L-Coins per pack) - second stage

db749017e48ccb2cc91f40cc6484012b.pngChest : 3000 L-Coins for each active party member (up to 30k L-Coins per pack) - starting from the third stage

For PvP server

db749017e48ccb2cc91f40cc6484012b.pngChest : 1000 L-Coins for each active party member (up to 10k L-Coins per pack)- starting via one week after server launching 

We expect that such bonuses will be a good motivation for solo players to organize in clans or join existing clans.


Bonus conditions:

  • The minimum number of real(not boxes) people in the party is 7, 2 boxes are allowed, but they do not get bonuses. For example on 3rd stage: for 7 active people, the party will receive 21k L-Coins, for 8 - 24k. If the group is full of 9 active (non-boxes) people, the party receives an additional chest. The maximum bonus on the pack is 30k L-Coins.
  • Clans must have mutual WARs. Accept ALL declared wards.
  • The clan should come to all massive PvP events, especially at night RB and Siege. This is a prerequisite, bonuses will be issued only to active players participating in the life of the server. But we also understand that attending absolutely all events is quite difficult, therefore we allow up to 2 days of a pass per week.
  • There should be a clan topic in the forum in this section: https://forum.l2remorse.com/forum/14-recruitment/


How to get a bonus:

  • Clan leader must collect the accounts of its Party leaders (or the people who will be responsible for receiving the bonus)
  • Each CP of the clan during the week should take screenshots of the events that she visited (evening RB, Epics, Sieges). Enough 1 screenshot from the event. Screenshots must be complete, not cropped and not edited.
  • Bonuses are given every Monday (bonus code on your personal account), on Sunday CL (or the person who appoints the CL) should give a report about packs in my PM on our discord channel: https://discordapp.com/invite/exmd32e

Report Form:

  1. CP name (if there is no name just Party # 1)
  2. The account on which to deposit bonuses. All chests will be given to this account, which will already decide how to distribute them inside the pack
  3. The number of living members in the pack
  4. Screenshots reports from attending events


Failure to meet the conditions:

CLs and Party leaders need monitor the activity of their members. The administration will also regularly attend events as observers. We will also check on the server side whether people are alive in the pack or boxes.

As you can see, everything is quite open and simple.

We strongly recommend that you do not attempt to tamper with and trick the administration. We ask you to complete the rules and also to be honest and open.
For violation of conditions or chaet, the administration has the right to exclude the CP of any bonuses, possibly permanent.


We remind you the conditions for opening the 2 stage server:

  • Amount of characters who have reached level 65 - 400
  • Amount of characters with a second profession - 800
  • Amount of B grade items on the server - 500
  • Killing the epic boss Queen Ant - 5 times
  • Level 1 Clan Arena progress achieved. Arenas 1-5 has been completed and acquired Clan Exuberance lvl.1 Amount of clans - 4

Minimum Requirements for Disclosing the Third Stage of the Limit

  • Amount of characters who have reached level 75 - 200
  • Amount of characters with completed quest Saga of Legend - 100
  • Killing the epic boss Zaken - 4 times
  • Level 3 Clan Arena progress achieved. Arenas 11-15 has been completed and acquired Clan Exuberance lvl.3 Amount of clans - 4
  • Giran Castle has been captured


The first week of receiving bonuses will be test, possible changes in bonuses or conditions. 

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