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Newbie / Begginner - [Guide]

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  • Combat


  • The cursor will become a sword icon if you point on a monster whit it.
  • You can gain XP from battles. When you have accumulated enough XP, you level up the next level.


  • Social


  • Moving the mouse cursor on an NPC changes the cursor shape into a speech bubble. Left-click to open dialogue window.


  • Soulshot and Spiritshots


  • In Lineage II , Soulshots and Spiritshots are items that momentarilly boost P.Atk and M.Atk. Soulshots and Spiritshots in the inventory are automatically registered to their dedicated fast-use slots. Right click the dedicatedslots to deativate them.
  • Activation of Soulshots and Spiritshots allows you increase combat damage greatly. Soulshots and Spiritshots can be ordinary or blessed. You can buy them at shopts or exhange them for coupons.


  • Auto-consume Supplies.


  • Auto-consume supplies allow you to use combat supplies automatically. You can turn auto-consume on and off.
  • Drag your items into the auto-use slots. Right-click on the item you want to use automatically. Also you can turn on auto-using by pressing On button.


  • The items wich are available for auto-use are highlighted among other supplies. Read tooltips to find out what items can be used automatically.


  • Auto-use next target


  • You can use auto-use next target for auto hunting. You can set auto-looting, distance and your attacks. The setting allow you to choose comfortable hunting mode.
  • When polite hunting mode is on, your character dosen't target monsters who are targeted by other players. Try to set polite hunting mode when you are using auto-use next target function. Choosing this mode you show good sportsmanship.


  • If you haven't set the macro for attack, you can use auto-use next target function along with default attack. If you want to use skills with auto-use next target, use Macros function to tie the skills you want to use.


  • Auto-use Potions


  • You can set up auto-use potions in the shortcut tab. Selected potion will be used automatically if character's HP is getting lower than the set rate.
  • To use potions automatically drag your potions into the fast use slot. Only one type if potions can be set for auto-use at a time.


  • Not every potion can be used automatically. Read tooltips to find out what items can be used automatically.


  • Quest's


  • See the quest icon above the NPC's head for the quest's status. There are three possible statuses - Unregistered / In Progress / Completed.
  • Red scrolls indicate quest's that can be only be run once, while green scrolls indicate repeteable quest's.


  • Monsters Data

Nibster Strenght
Tge cikir if tge nibster0s bane yoib sekectuib sugbufues uts strenght. There are several colors to determine the monster's strenght.
Blue (the weakest) <  Light Blue Green < White (same level) <  Yellow Orange < Red (the strongest)

Group Identity
Most monsters attack a player who attacked another monster in their group.

Party Monsters
These monsters groups are composed of a leader and its followers.

Boss and Raid Monsters
These monsters are stronger than general monsters. Special reward items can be acquired by defeating them.


  • Shortcut Key Screen

You can assing shortcut keys in the Shortcut Keys window. The window can be opened by clicking the Shourtcut key button in the to right of the Options window (Alt+X)

The following are the primary default shortcut keys.

  • Esc:  Cancel the target and close the window.
  • Tabulador, Alt + V; Inventory
  • Alt + C; Actions,
  • Alt + B; Bulletin.
  • Alt + J; Hide chat window.
  • Alt + N; Clan
  • Alt + T; Status
  • Alt + R; Macro
  • Alt + K; Skills
  • Alt + M; Mini Map.
  • Alt + U Quest's.
  • Alt + L; Reset window position.
  • Alt + H; Hide all windows.
  • Alt + F; Show party buffs.
  • Alt + P; Apply minimized frame.
  • Alt + Shift + O; Preferences.
  • Alt + Mayús + P; Party matching.
  • Alt + Mayús + I; Hide dropped items.
  • Alt + Mayús + M ; Whisper target.
  • Alt + Mayús + H; Help
  • Shortcut (basic); F1F12


  • Basic Actions

Sit/stand (Command; /sit , /stand).
Makes your character sit or stand. While your character is sitting HP and MP regeneration increase, but you cannot do anything else.

Walk/Run (Command; /walk , /run ).
Toggles between walking and running. While your character is walking , HP and MP regenerate faster.

Attack (Command; /attack)
Attacks an enemy target. If you want to attrack a target that is not an enemy hold CTRL.

Exchange ( Command; /exchange )
Requests to trade with the selected target. If the target accepts the request, the exchange process starts. Both you and your target must register items in the Exchange List and press Confirm to complete the exchange. If you register a wrong item in the list, press Cancel and restart the exhchange process from the beginning.

Invite ( Command; /invite )
Invites a target to join your party if the target us not in a party. The target sees a pop-up messages listing the invitation and item distribution. If the target does not repond within 10 seconds, the invitation is cancelled.

Leave party (Command /leaveparty )
Causes you to leave your party. If the party leader leaves a party, it is automatically disband.

Dismiss Party Member (Command /dismisspartymember )
Allows the party leader to expel a party member

Party Matching ( Command /partymatching )
Opens the party-matching interface. Click the Create Room button to create a pàrty room, where you may wait for others. Using the Party Room window, select players you want to form your party, then click the Invite button. Set the number of people in the room by clicking the Set Room button. The Kick button expels party candidates from the party room. On the party-matching interface, click List to look for particular levels and numbers of the members that meet your cruteria. Set Loc. Conditions and Level menus. Select level parameters, press. Update List and see only the rooms you've state in the parameters. The Auto Join Button allows you to join an available party room.
When you enter a party room, you can view information about the party, candidates, and even users on the waiting list. Click the View Waiting List button to see users looking for parties. Click the Invite button to invite them into the party room. You can also chat with people in the party room. If you recieve and invite from the party leader, rememeber that as soon as you accept it, you will join the party.
When you play the game while party matching is open while not starting your own party room, you can recieve invitations to party rooms from other users. If you want to a party matching , opens your party matching interface and other players will invite you to their party rooms while you play solo.

Change Party Leader (Command; /changepartyleader )
If the target is a member of the party, you can transfer the privileges of party leader. Then the target will become the party leader. Party looting settings are unchanged. If the party leader's connection is served, one of the remaining party members is randomly selected to become the new party leader.

Invite Channel (Command ; /invitealliance )
Communication means for large numbers of players where secret commands can be transmitted. If a clan is level 5 or higher, posseses the Clan Imperium Skill and has a member in a Sage class or who possesses the Strategy Guide item as its leader, then the party leader can create a channel and invite other party leaders. If a channel is created, command channel interface window will appear. Using "prefix you can send messages to all parties and 'prefix allows sending messages direclty to the party leaders. The channel creator can kick a party out of the channel in the info tab, and party leaders can leave the channel at their discretion. If the channel creator leaves the game abnormally or transfer authority of party leader to another player, the channel control is passed to the succeding party leader. In this case it dosen't matter if the character is a clan leader and the level of that clan. The channel creator can kick his ir her party out of the channel or disban the channel by typing "/disbandlliance"

Party Duel (Command /partyduel )
Challenges another party to a duel. If the opposing party leader accepts your challenge, all duel aprticinapts will be transported to the arena. The battle will being after the challenge has been accepted. The battle will begin no matter how many party members you have, You cannot engage in a duel if one of your party members is currently enganged in a battle or the Olympiad, has less than 50& of his/her MP/HP or is chaotic (purple) When the duel is completed, all characters will be transported to their original locations with their CP/MP, AND HP restored to their pre-duel level.

Social actions
Agreement, disagreement, shyness, high gives, and other emotesd can be used with another player.
The mutual bow, high five and couple dance emotes can only be used with another players.

  • List of Commands


  • / attackforce ; Has the same effect as using /attack command with the Ctrl Key.
  • / useshortcutforce; Has the same effect as using the '/shortcut' command with the Ctrl Key.
  • / useskillforce ; Has the same effect as using the '/skill' command with the Ctrl key.
  • / privatestore ; Set up a private store to purchase items.
  • / vendor ; Set up a private store to sell items.
  • / walk  Switches to walking mode.
  • / walkrun ; Toggles walk/run.
  • / bow; Displays a polite greeting bow.
  • / duel  ; Challenges another character to a 1-on-1 battle.
  • / withdraw; Withdraws from the on-going battle.
  • / attackstand ; has the same effect as using the '/attack' command with the Shift key.
  • / attack; Performs an action appropiate for the target. Attacks if the target is a monster or a enemy, talks or clicks the target if the target is an NPC.
  • / exchange ; Ask target for an exchange.
  • / unaware ; Displays an action that is neither a negative nor a positive reponse.
  • /socialise ; Displays a positive response.
  • / start_videorecording ; Begins saving the current replay


  • Macro


  • Macros allow you to run a series of present functions with one click. Drag a macro to the Shortcut Bar for easy acces.
  • Righ-click on a macro that has been registered as a shortcut to use it automatically. When the macro is automated, the action will be performed repetedly.


  • Macro presets let you save a basict actions that you use frequently Drag a present icon or double-click to save a macro.


  • Class Transfer


  • When your chose class reaches certain level and meets certain requerements, the class transfer notification lets you acces the Class Transfer window and gain a more specialized class.


  • Skills


  • You can check the skills you have by opening the Skill window (Alt+K) Skills are split into Active and Passive skills. The skills you're able to learn depend on your character class.
  • There are skills that can be used automatically. Drag the skill to the shortcut slot and click the right mouse button to use it automatically.


  • Attributes.


  • Attributes will open up automatically after Lv. 40. If you want to know more about attributes, talk to Teacher Svein in Giran, Aden or Goddard.
  • After you've managed attributes, spirit managment button will open in the character info window (Alt+T) Spirits button give acces to the attributes.


  • Attribute characteristics.


  • There are 4 attributes. Each of them has unique characteristics. Fire works well against earth, earth is good against wind, wind - against water, and water is good against fire. If you attack the monsters with a right attribute, you will deal greater damage.
  • If you've mastered an attribute, you will be able to deal additional damage to monsters applying this attribute. If you attack the monsters with a right attribute, you will deal greater damage.


  • Servitor Info

The servitors differ depending on the character's class. Servitor summon is a class skill. The skill level determines the servitor's level.

A magical creature helping its master in combat. Cubics is a class skill.

A spirit with various supporting skills. You can get one with an Agathion Coupon.

  • Map


  • You can open the map of your current location pressing Map Button or Alt + M . The character's exact location will be market with an arrow.
  • You can see the town map by pressing (+) icon near the town. All useful NPCs will be market on the map.


  • Place the coursor on the region's name to see information on the region. This information contains levels recommendations for hunting zones, castle tax, siege, status also it states raid bosses, number of warriors, reward and other usefull info.


  • Map info


  • There is a meny at the bottom of the map where you can see the world info. There is a list of recommended hunting zones, raid bosses and quests.
  • You can see the locations for the quest you've take in the map window . Also you can check your character's location using My Location/Group Location button.


  • Click My Teleport in the meny at the bottom of the map. My Teleport UI will appear.


  • Missions


  • Missions help to find something to do every day. After you've completed a mission, you will see a number over the mission icon in the notification tab. The number of completed missions is shown in a corresponding tab in the mission window.
  • If the mission is to be completed in a specific region you can click on the magnifying glass icon the mission completion requierements to see the location.


  • Teleports


  • Choosing the Gatekeeper's Teleport menu or clicking the Teleport icon on the Notification window opens the Teleport window wich lets you teleport to a town or hunting ground of your choice. To teleport you need to pay a certain amount of adena. 
  • Clicking the Teleport Icon on the map or double-clicking the town list of Town Teleport enables you to teleport to the selected town.


  • Clicking the town in Town Teleport allows you to view the hunting groun teleport list. Double-click a hunting ground or click the icon on the map to teleport to the choose hunting ground.


  • Session Zones


  • There are sessions hunting zones in the Lineage II with limited hunting time. Click a session zone line in the list or a session zone icon in the menu. Session zone UI will appear , so you can look up all the information.
  • There is a session zone entrace fee. After you've paid the entrace fee you can enter session zone. While in a session zone you can see the remaining session zone time in the window in the upper part of the screen.


  • If you have time extension item for seassion zones, you can extend your time up to maximum allowed limit.


  • Boss/Raid Monsters


  • Monsters that requiere one or more parties of players to defeat are called Boss monsters or Raid Monsters.


  • Siege War


  • Siege are held every Sunday from 08:00 p.m to 09:00 p.m . Siege preparation time if from 07:00 p.m to 08:00 p.m. Clans of Lv 3 and higher can apply for siege participation during the siege preparation. Characters of Lv 65 and high, wich are not members of any of the clans taking part in the siege, can apply as mercenaries.
  • The clan, wich is hiring mercenaries, can state the reward share they will get. If the clan, the mercenarys has fight for, wins the mercenary can get the reward wich is in proportion to the diege contribution by post.


  • An icon appears above the participatin character's head when the siege starts. During the siege you can use siege info interface with no regard to your participation statis. You can teleport to siege battlefield.


  • PvP

Zone Differences.

  • Peaceful Zone; You cannot attack or be attacked by other players.
  • War Zone; Players can attack each other freely. There is no penalty for attacking or killing another player.
  • Normal Zone; Press Ctrl if you want to attack other player with a white name. Doing so will turn your name purple. If you kill such a player, your name will turn red.

Name color

  • Purple Name; You recieve no penalty for killing a character with a purple name. But if you kill or help a character with a purple name, your name will also turn purple. I foyu stop attacking for some time, your name will become white again.
  • Red Name; Your name does not change color when your attack a character with a red name. You also recieve no penalties for killing a red-named character. If your name is red, you must earn XP trought hunting or lose XP throught deadh in order to return it to white.

CP Gauge

  • The CP (Combat Points) gauge is used as extra HP in PvP situations.


  • Fishing.

Fishing Preparations
In order to fish, you need to find a fishing area. Once you arrive atr the right spot, you'll see the button on the right side of your screen that alerts you that you can fish. Equip your fishing rod and bait and start fishing. You can buy thge items for fishing from a Fishing Guild Member.

Fishing Location
A fishing spot can be wherever there is a large enough concentration of fish to make it worthwhile for people to go fishing.
The are places that are good for fishing are following; Giran Harbor, Gludin Harbor, lands around Giran, lands around Aden, Fellmere Lake, Southern bank of Wasteland, Langk Lizerman Village shore, lands around Floran Village, South part of the Plains of Lizerdmen, lakes and rivers to the west of Ivory Tower, Narsell Lake.

Fishing Shot
Fishing Shots were created by the Black Anvil Guild at the request of Ampitiri, the founder of the Fishing Guild, Fishing Shots are variations of Soulshots made for fishing. Fishing Shots increase your chances to catch fish. Use them to successfully catch more fish. You can buy Fishing Shots from a Fishing Guild Member and use them automatically just like Soulshots.

What can I do with fish?
You can take the fish you catch to a Fishing Guild Member to exhange for various rewards. You can collect Elcyum Powder and take them to a Fish Guild Member to learn a few skills.

Silver Bait/Normal Bait
You need to bait in order to catch fish. and you can buy it from Fishing Guild Members. Use normal Bait to catch usual types of fish. But if you see Silver Bait you can catch a whale. You can learn more about fishing from a Fishing Guild Member


  • Item information

Items necessary for hunting such as weapons or armor are generally called equipment. You can equip and equipment item in the inventory by double-clicking the item in the Inventory.
Equipped items may be seen in character's equioment window. To unequip, double-click the item in the equipment window or drag it into the inventory.

Blessed Items
Equipment items are divide into normal and Blessed types. Blesssed equipment items have higher default stats than normal ones and show greater perfromance when enchanted.

Items such as potion or Soulshots. Double-click to use them. Their effects dissapear after a certain perior of time.

Items neeed for crafting. You can usually obtain them troigh monster drops, quests, or system rewards.

Quest Items
There quest-retaled items are listed in the Quest tab of the inventory. They can't be exchanged , sold or dropped. Some of them can be destroyer, Howeever, they can dissapear if you complete or give up the quest.

  • How to pick up an item


  • You can press the Pick up button registered in the Shortcut window to pick up items dropped on the ground.


  • Using items


  • You can press the Inventory button in the Menu to check items.
  • Press the Sort Inventory button in the Inventory window to sort items.


  • Double-click the item in the Inventory to use it. Items that are used often can be dragged to the Shortcut window and registered to use them conveintly


  • Buying and selling items


  • You can use merchant NPCs in town to buy and sells items. Items sold may vary in different regions, and prices may also differ according to the tax rate of the territory the merchant is in. Re-.purchase function lets you buy back items that you sold.
  • Target a character to trade with , then press 'Exchange' of the action icons or enter the command '/exhange'" to exchange items with another character.


  • Weapon Info

The world of Lineage II offer many different weapons. Each type of weapon has unique characteristics that may be used for various classes.

Weapon Characteristics.

  • Swords; Sworfs feature comparatively Atk.Speed and inflict a fixed amount of damage. One-handed swords allow you to equip a shield in your other hand. Two-handed swords have greater P.Atk but slower Atk.Spd.
  • Dual swords; have normal Atk.Spd but its more effective to compensate for the inconveinence of using both hands.
  • Rapiers ; have faster Atk.Spd but less P.Atk compared to one-handed swrods. But rapiers have a higher random hit damage and work at longer distance. Orcs and Dwarves can't use rapiers.
  • Ancient Swords; They have less P.Atk than two-handed swords, but higher Atk.Spd and high chance to deal a great damage. Humans, Elves, Dark Elves can't use ancient swords.
  • Blunt Weapons; Moderate Atk-Spd but high damage. Like swords, blunt weapons have one-handed and two-handed versions. Wizards blunt weapons feature less P.Atack than the warrior's but impressive M.atak.  A one-handed blunt weapon allows you to equip a shield in your other hand.
  • Spears; these two-handed weapons lack in attack speed, but their passive skills sllows you to inflict AoE damage to mutiple targets.
  • First weapon; first weapons feature comparatively fast Atk.Spd and high level of Accuracy. Like a dual sword, fist weapons can deal double damage per attack.
  • Bows; These two-handed weapons feature the highest P.Atk but slow Atk.Spd with a reload time.


  • Armor Info

There are as many types of armors as weapons. They are generally grouped ino 3 categories Heavy Armor, Light Armor and Robes. The type of armor you wear depends on your mastery skills.

Types of Armor

  • Heavy Armor; Heavy armor mastery emphasizes defensive power and is used moslty by fighters-type characters.
  • Light Armor; Light armor mastery emphasizes evasive power and its used mostly by warrior/cleric-type characters.
  • Robes; Robe Mastery increases the Max. MP and Casting Spd. and is mainly used by magic-using characters.


  • Talismans
  • Talisman bracelets are equipped in the right hand slot. You can inser only talismans to the talisman bracelets.
  • Talismans can be upgraded according to their type. There are various upgraded methods (for example , synthesis) Failed upgrade may result in destruction of your talisman.


  • Agathions
  • Agathions are inserted in bracelets that are equipped in the left hand slot. Bracelets have one main and several additional agathions slots. An agathion can be summoned only from the main slot
  • Agathions are enchanted with Agathions Enchant Scroll. Enchantment works safe up to +3, further attempts may cause the agathion to dissapear ion case of failure.
  • Jewels.
  • Brooches are equipped in the brooch slot. They can be upgraded with gemtsontes. The better is such brooch, the more jewels can be inserted in it.
  • Several jewels of the same level can be synthesized to create a new one of the higher level. In case of failure one of the jewels will be destroyed


  • Destruction/Crystallization.

You can dispose of items by dragging them to the Recycle Bin at bottom right of the Inventory Window.

Item Crystallization.

  • A Dwarf who has a crystallization skill can crystallize graded equipment.
  • When an item is crystallized the item dissapears and leaves behind a crystal of the same grade as the crystallized item.
  • To crystallize an item with a higher grade, you need a superior crystallization skill. Crystallizing high grade items requieres high level Crystallize skill.
  • These crystals are used in various ways such as for crafting other items or as ingredients of a spell.
  • Dwarves makes crystals by dragging the item you wish to crystalize to the crystallization icon under the Inventory.

Equipment Upgrade.

Upgrade for the weapons and armor means increasing its grade. Ferris, Head Blacksmith of Aden, works with equipment enchantments.

You cannot ehcnat any items that have runes installed orhave been augmented. Gloves, boots and helmets higher than B-grade may be enchanted only if sealed.

Take the item to Head blacksmith ferris.



  • Augmentation.


  • Using Life Stones to besto magic power upon weapons and items is called augmentation. You can cancel augmentations for certain payment.
  • Drag necessary/materials and gemstone to the anvil. Blacksmith that deals with enchantment in Giran and Adne have anvils.


  • The items get random characteristics as a result of agumentation. You cannot exchange or sell augmented items.


  • Soul Crystals (runes)


  • The weapon will get special characteristics if you insert a Soul Crystal (rune) into a special slot on the weapon. Blacksmith NPC can insert a Soul crystal (rune).
  • Prepare the Soul Crystal (Rune) and the weapon together with additional materials. After the blacksmith is done with the insertion, you will get your weapon with a Soul Crystal (rune) in it. You can select the characteristics your desire before inserting the Soul Crystal (rune).


  • If the insertion was successful, the weapon with get the selected characteristic. You can see the effects in the tooltip.


  • Mail


  • Use the mailbox to easily send messages and items to fellow players.
  • You can send an item as usual mail or COD option allows you to bill the recipient for an attached item. They will only recive the enclose message or item after paying the requiered amount.


  • Party


  • Different classes in Lineage II play different roles. It's more efficient to hunt with others who can provide the skills that your character might lack.
  • A party must be assembled to fight raidbosses or to go into istance zone.


  • Chat

Chat Window.
The chat window is located on the bottom left of the screen To check earlier content, use the left scroll bar or your mouse wheel. The Chat Settings button to adjust window options is located on the bottom left of the chat window. Drag a chat tab outside the chat window open it as separate chat window. You can set different options for different tabs.

General(∼) chat for the players who are close to one another. If you enter content in the All tab without using any code, it will be sent as general chat.
Sale (+) If you add "+" to the beggining of content, you can chat in the Sale tab.
Party (#) If you add '#' to the beginning of content, you can chat with party members in the party tab.
Clan (@) If you add '@' to the beginning of content, you can chat with clan members in the clan tab.
Ally ($) If you add '$' to the beginning of content, you can chat with alliance members in the ally tab.
Shout (!) If you add '!' to the beginning of content, you can send contet to a broader range than regular conversations.
Whisper (") You can add " before a player name , you can to a player one on one Example "Remorse Hello!
If you enter " the name of the last player you whispered will be entered. Use the up/down arrow keys to scroll trough the names of players you recenlty whispered to. To whisper to a specific player, enter "player's name your message.

World Chat (&) Enter your message after & to see all the converstions in the server.

  • Friend Manager


  • /invitefriend player's name to invite a friend. When you become friends you can check the friend is logged into the game or not.
  • /deletefriend player's name to delete friend.
  • Check your online/offiline friends by /friendlist


  • Clan System.

What is a clan?
A clan is a community in Lineage II, intended to bring players closer togheter trought battles and shared tasks.

Creating a clan.
Any character over Lv.10 can create a clan trought "clan NP'cs" (High Priest, Gran Master, High Perfect, etc) found in each town.
A clan name can be up to 8 Korean characters or 16 English letters.

Disbanding/restoring a clan.
You can disband a clan trought a clan service NPC (High Priest, Gran Master, High Perfect, etc), It cost XP equivalent to death penalty to disban a clan. You can cancel clan dissolution by requesting to do so within 1 week of the dussolution request.

Leadership transfer.
To transfer the clan leader's authority means to delegate all privileges and rights of the clan leader to another clan member. The leader must request the clan leadership transfer to a clan service NPC( High Priest, Gran Master, High Perfect, etc). In principle the request is processed every Wednesday morning. Howerver it ma be done earlier in some cases. It is possbile to cancel the request before the leadership transfer is completed.

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