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The Chef Monkey will dilute the harsh world of Elmoraden with invigorating exotic notes!
Bundles of bananas, refreshing cocktails and unique bait will make the game more fun and more pleasant

  • Event for server x3
  • Main Period: 14.05.2020 - 28.05.2020 (Bunches of bananas and NPCs fall from monsters Chef Monkey will arrive in the world)
  • Event will be continued after merge from x3 and x10 servers
  • 28.05.2020 - All event items will be removed (Tuna and Monkey Bait)

1. Harvest of bananas
Go hunting and collect bundles of bananas from monsters! Remember, Event items will not fall out, if the level of the monster is lower than the character level by 11 or more (dark blue).

A bunch of bananas, is a herb, which is applied immediately after lifting from the ground. Herb gives the whole group of the character a useful positive effect:

Buff NameDescription
Bunch of Bananas
For 5 minutes, XP and SP gained through hunting +10%, P. / M. Atk. +15%, P. / M. Def. + 15%, Atk. Spd. / Cast. Spd. + 10%, Speed +10. Can be stacked with all XP / SP bonuses, Applied to all party members within the range of 1000.​
- Remains upon death..
- Remains when restared.
- Desappers when entering the Olympiad.​

2. Chef Monkey

A skilful culinary specialist will briefly talk about the event, and also offer players a unique bait for fishing and delicious cocktails, which have no analogues in the whole Elmoraden!

3. Monkey Bait

The chef will tell you about the unique bait that he made specifically for the inhabitants of Elmoraden. Monkey knows the value of his creation and will not give the bait cheap. The cost of bait: 250 adena for 1 pc. (regardless of the tax of the castle).

Item NameDescription
Monkey Bait
Fish bait bought from Chef Monkey, Fish useing this bait to catch Tuna.
Deleted after event.

Fishing Time: 20 sec.
Fishing Standby Time: 10 sec.​
- Cannot exchange.
- Cannot drop / sell.
- Can share within account.​

Only one species of fish is caught in the event bait - it's Tuna.

It can be exchanged with some chance for unique items.
  • Item 49585.jpg
    Golden Memaid's Tears 7d. Item 45473.jpg - 120. Item 57.jpg - 50 000
  • wp_fishing1.png
    Blue Mackerel- One-handed sword Item 45473.jpg - 44. Item 57.jpg - 30 000
  • wp_fishing2.png
    Trumpetfish - Dagger Item 45473.jpg - 44. Item 57.jpg - 30 000
  • wp_fishing3.png
    Shark- Two-handed sword Item 45473.jpg - 44. Item 57.jpg - 30 000
  • wp_fishing4.png
    Squid- Spear Item 45473.jpg - 44. Item 57.jpg - 30 000
  • wp_fishing5.png
    Sea Horse - Two-handed Magic Blunt Weapon Item 45473.jpg - 44. Item 57.jpg - 30 000
  • wp_fishing6.png
    Lobster - Fist weapon Item 45473.jpg - 44. Item 57.jpg - 30 000
  • wp_fishing7.png
    Giant Crab - Bow Item 45473.jpg - 44. Item 57.jpg - 30 000
  • wp_fishing11.png
    Blue Mackerel - Dual Sword Item 45473.jpg - 44. Item 57.jpg - 30 000
  • wp_fishing1.png
    Blue Mackerel - One-handed Blunt Weapon Item 45473.jpg - 44. Item 57.jpg - 30 000
  • wp_fishing10.png
    Turtle - Shield Item 45473.jpg - 44. Item 57.jpg - 30 000
4. Cocktails from the chef


The effects of cocktails are interchangeable, and also do not stack with the following effects:
  • Prophecy of Fire
  • Prophecy of Water
  • Prophecy of Wind
  • Chant of Victory
  • Victories of Pa'agrio
You won't be able to receive these buffs as well as other cocktail's effect if you already have a cocktail effect activated.

Important: If you use one of the prophecies with cocktail effect on, the Spirit Ores for the prophecy will disappear but the prophecy won't be applied.
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