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Found 7 results

  1. Date of Merge: At night, from 18 to 19 of May Character Information Server Character Limit Each server has a character limit of 7 characters. During the server consolidation, accounts with more than 7 characters shared between x3 and x10 will have the priority order for which 7 characters are retained determined by the following criteria: All characters will remain. If there are more than 7 characters on the account you will see only first 7 characters To see all other characters on your account, please, delete all unnecessary characters Please, be sure that you have prepared your account before merge If there are the characters with the same name on x3 and x10, after the transfer the one from x10 will get a prefix _00. The characters with a prefix shall have a possibility to choose a new name the first time they enter the game after the merge. Please prepare for the consolidation by deciding which characters you wish to be kept by deleting all but 7 of your preferred characters between all servers. Do keep in mind that character deletion takes 24 hours. If the character is dead or in transformation at the moment of server merge, character’s condition won’t change. Rank System will have zeroing. Things that shall not change after transfer: Level, title, XP amount, skills panel, skills themselves (active and passive, their level shall not change), PvP count, PK and Raid Points. All the quests in the quest journal shall remain. The list of the current macro should remain. Friend list and block list of both servers characters shall remain. Class change will be unavailable after merge Character Name Conflicts x3 characters will have priority on character name conflicts. If there are duplicate character names following the consolidation, characters coming from x10 will have to be renamed. Any characters formerly on x10 with a name conflict will automatically be granted a free name change upon logging into the game for the first time after the merge. Name disputes can be appealed by contacting our support in cases of name sniping by inactive characters. In general name disputes will be addressed by a combination of factors such as creation date, play time, and level. Items Character Items All character items from x10 will be transferred over to x3, except High-grade MP Replenishing Potion Recipes shall remain. Character tattoos shall remain. All items Flower Sweets Pumpkin Sweets will be deleted from servers Dimensional Merchant Items stored with the Dimensional Merchant will transfer during the consolidation. Mail Any items sent through the mail will be sent back to the original sender's character warehouse. If the original sender's character has been deleted, then the item will be deleted as well. Please claim all items attached to the mail prior to the server merge to avoid items being deleted or sent back to the original sender. Clan Information Clan Name Conflicts Similar to character name conflicts, if there is a clan name conflict, clans coming from x10 will be renamed. In clan name conflicts, ‘_00’ will be added to the end of the clan name. Upon logging into the game, clan leaders can speak with a clan NPC in town and request a different clan name of their choosing if it's available. Clan penalty will be turned off for few days Clan Hall and Castles Clan halls and Giran Castle on x10 will NOT be transferred to x3 Any tax revenue from Giran castle on x10 servers must be claimed no later than the evening of Tuesday, May 19. Unclaimed taxes and items stored at the castle will NOT be transferred. The owners of clan halls that can be auctioned on x10 will be reimbursed Adena for the loss of the clan halls. The Adena reimbursement will be distributed to the clan warehouse during the merge and will be calculated based on the original purchase price. Clan alliances on x10 will be dissolved during the merge. Clan wars on x10 will be dissolved during the merge. Clan warehouses on x10 will be transferred to x3 Clan members, ranking, and skills on x10 are transferred during the merge. x3 Clan Halls and Castle Ownership Clan halls and Giran Castle on x3 will NOT be transferred The owners of clan halls that can be auctioned on x3 will be reimbursed Adena for the loss of the clan halls. The Adena reimbursement will be distributed to the clan warehouse during the merge and will be calculated based on the original purchase price. Any tax revenue from Giran castle on x3 servers must be claimed no later than the evening of Tuesday, May 19. Unclaimed taxes and items stored at the castle will NOT be merged. x10 Olympiad Olympiad Cycle The World Olympiad cycle for x10 will NOT be disabled prior to the server merge. Olympiad status (win/loss/points) and Hero Status will NOT be transferred after the server merge. Don't forget to come to Grand Olympiad Manager and exchange your points for Mark of Battle till the maintenance on May 19, because points cannot be transferred to the x3 server. Conditions may be slightly supplemented by details.
  2. To check Server Time take a look at your mini-map. You can find it in the upper right corner of your screen. Put your mouse on the selected zone (from first screenshot) There you can find current server time and your local time
  3. I am tired of server hopping. And I want this server to grow since I like the feature among all other 1 month server out there. So here's the things in my mind that I think will help the server. 1. Make an automated events such as TvT. There's not much activity going on atm so here it is. Having a PvP event every hour is like going for a smoke after awhile of playing and sitting in front of your PC. 2. Allow us to use more than 3 boxes per PC / IP. At the current state of the server its kinda hard to make a 9/9 cp so some people just make a 3 man cp with buffers as boxes. I also think this will help our market since not much people farming. It will also help convince the new comers that server is alive. If I am a new comer and I see those farming spots empty I would have a second thought to continue playing. 3. Make a newbie bonus such as limited time weapon etc. People come and go we cannot do anything about it. But instead of trying those who left to come back why not give new comers reasons to stay or just even try the server even for a week. Some for sure will stay and some will go. I believe there's still people out there looking for a good server. 4. Give free daily global shouts like 10shouts for example. Why? If new comers see that the chat thread is kinda silent they will think oh server is dead or at the brink of dying. 5. Make the map smaller. How? Make a particular location / farming site that drops 2x Lcoin or adena or something worth farming for and worth fighting for the spot. 6. Achivement system. Example If you reach 1000 pvp or event PvP you have an access to change your name color. That is just an example. If anyone is thinking something else regarding the topic please dont hesitate to share your thoughts.
  4. OPENING INFORMATION. Grand Opening date: 25 of April Server time zone UTC +2 https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?msg=launching&iso=20200425T19&p1=367 RATES/CHRONICLE/MAX WINDOWS EXP/SP: x10 ADENA: x2 DROP: x2 SPOIL: x2 amount RaidBoss Drop: x1 RaidBoss Exp: x1 Epic Boss Drop: x1 Attribute exp: x2 Max windows: 3 Chronicle: Classic - Shadow of Kamael 3.0 GAMEPLAY 3rd profession requires quest "Saga of Legend" (Same quest for all races) https://forum.l2remorse.com/index.php?/topic/32-saga-of-legend-lv-76/ Mana potions restore - 300 mp instantly, cooldown 1 sec Penalty for drop and exp reworked. You will not receive exp and drop if your character have +/- 7 level then mob or RB Lamp system turned off Server will have merge with our main project via 3 weeks L-STORE & L-COINS There is a chance to receive https://l2wiki.com/classic/L-Coin while hunting monsters. Only predefined amount of https://l2wiki.com/classic/L-Coin can be obtained daily depending on the character's level (reset at 6:30 am) Lv 1-40 can obtain 160 daily https://l2wiki.com/classic/L-Coin Lv 41+ can obtain 480 daily https://l2wiki.com/classic/L-Coin L-coin pouch not available They can be used for buying various items in the L-Coin Store. GODDESS BLESSING - BUFF SYSTEM How does buffer works? Players receive full buff (with dances, songs and pet buff) from Buffer NPC "Goddess Blessing" in every town. Level of buffs received depending on average character's level of the server. The average character's level of the server is updated every hour. Minimum level for each buff - 1st level Buff available out of towns with Game Assistant interference Buff can't be used if character is in fight mode Buff duration 3h Amount of buff slots - 20 (can be increased to 24) +12 Buffer Fee. Goddess Blessing is free for characters below level 40. For characters level 40+ each buff of Goddess of Blessing has an 1320 adena fee. Refill effect time in towns without fee. Buff Profile. Can be created with Goddess Blessing in every town Available with Game Assistant RAID BOSS SYSTEM Removed 'Raid Curse' from Raid Bosses if your character have higher level than Raid Boss by 8 or more. All Raid Bosses above level 65 will spawn at 22:00 GMT+2 Raidboss killing Rewards (Character must be at least at 2500 range when Raidboss is defeated); EXP and SP are now shared between all raid participants, even if only one hit was dealt. After the death of the Raid Boss, each Raid Participant receive a Blessing of Giant buff - PVE damage bonus +10%, XP/SP/DROP bonus +10% (60 minutes) Each Raid participant receives a chest with fragments of the agathion's soul and an Experience Scroll x2. Fragments of The Agathions Soul can be exchanged for the Agathion Soul of the desired rank, as soon as you collect the necessary amount of the Exchange. NPC Pona in Giran Town can help you with that. Last Hit reward (for character dealing the last (deadly) blow) Party Cube (Event) for 7d: Double click to obtain one of the items: XP growth Scroll (3pcs.), Dandy's Golden Ball (3pcs.), Soulshot ticket (30 pcs.), Combat Scroll (5pcs.) Best Damage reward (for character with best damage on RB) https://l2wiki.com/classic/Special_Dragon_Fruit#Type 2 5 pcs. Epic Bosses respawn time ; Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday - https://l2wiki.com/classic/Queen_Ant at 22:00 UTC+2 Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday - https://l2wiki.com/classic/Core at 21:00 UTC+2 Monday, Wednesday, Friday - https://l2wiki.com/classic/Orfen at 23:00 UTC+2 Monday, Wednesday, Friday - https://l2wiki.com/classic/Zaken at 21:00 UTC+2 Friday - https://l2wiki.com/classic/Baium at 21:00 UTC +2 Sunday - https://l2wiki.com/classic/Antharas at 21:00 UTC+2 On start of the server some of Epic Bosses will have such levels: https://l2wiki.com/classic/Queen_Ant, https://l2wiki.com/classic/Core, https://l2wiki.com/classic/Orfen - 60 lvl After 2 days all bosses will have level 80 All epic bosses have pvp system with flag from damage. NEW SOLO RAID BOSSES New Raid Bosses for solo players already here. You can find them on map with teleport icon. Teleport to RB also is available. You will have 1 free teleport per day. Then 10 L-coins for each teleport. Solo raid bosses have yellow title "Solo Elite" The time when solo raid bosses level 65 and above appear: 1 a.m., 3 a.m., 5 a.m., 7 a.m., 9 a.m., 11 a.m., 1 p.m, 3 p.m, 5 p.m, 7 p.m, 9 p.m, 11 p.m Reward: https://l2wiki.com/classic/Special_Dragon_Fruit#Type 2 2pcs, 10-20 https://l2wiki.com/classic/L-Coin, with certain chance Chronicle Chest, Stable Scroll: Enchant Large Box. RAID POINTS SYSTEM You will receive special points after RB death. RB will not give points if your difference in level more than 9 (+/-). You can exchange it for some items in Game Assistant window. Amount of points: General RB - 5 Epic RB - from 50 to 150 Solo RB - 2 DAMAGED JEWELRY SYSTEM A special system for obtaining fragments of epic jewelry. After defeating a epic raid boss, (Queen Ant, Core, Orfen) NPC Rash will appear. He will help you to get Special Supply Chest - Rah's Supplies that contains Damaged version of jewelry and by chance; Balthus Knight's Varnish Balthus Knigh's Shinning Varnish Balthus Knight's Glittering Varnish With the Help of Knight's Varnish, you can improve this jewels from 0 to +10 depending on the level of improvement, positive effects can be felt. SKILL BALANCE Mass Chain Strike before took 6 targets +12 random now takes 3 targets + 6 random Song of Purification was With 50% probability removes debuffs from party members. Debuff Resistance +80%, Healing Power +30% for 5 min. now With 50% probability removes debuffs from party members. Debuff Resistance +50%, Healing Power +30% for 5 min. Ultimate Escape - Soul Ranger was For 30 sec., P./ M. Evasion +20, P./ M. Skill Evasion +20%, Speed +30 now For 20 sec., P./ M. Evasion +20, P./ M. Skill Evasion +20%, Speed +30 Horror - Dark Avenger Cooldown time increased 5 sec ->6 sec SE, EE, BP have new togle skill Swap Defense Swap Defense lvl 1 (40 lvl)- Mag, Def. -60% P. Def. + 10%. Swap Defense lvl 2 (60 lvl) - Mag, Def. -50% P. Def. + 20%. Swap Defense lvl 3 (70 lvl) - Mag, Def. -40% P. Def. + 30%. Tyrant can have 2 active totems with different skill types at same time Puma Spirit Totem, Rabbit Spirit Totem, Wolf Spirit Totem - can't be applied at same time Ogre Spirit Totem, Bear Spirit Totem, Bison Spirit Totem - can't be applied at same time Ogre Spirit Totem + Puma Spirit Totem can be applied at same time Necromancer - Transfer Pain Transfer Pain have 3rd lvl maximum and have 30% of gmg transfer Bards have new skills Sword Muse Madness Beat - Elf's Fascinating Music Makes an enemy incapacitated for 3 seconds (stun effect) Effective distance: 500 Cooldown time: 30 seconds Cast Time: 2 seconds MP consumption: 128 Character Lv: 76 Required SP: 10 200 000 Required items: 31 https://l2wiki.com/classic/Magical_Tablet Spectral Dancer Madness Waltz - Dark Elf's enchanting dance moves nearby enemies to sleep for 5 seconds Effective distance: 500 Cooldown time: 90 seconds Cast Time: 3 seconds MP consumption: 128 Character Lv: 76 Required SP: 10 200 000 Required items: 31 https://l2wiki.com/classic/Magical_Tablet Cooldown time increased for Summoners skills 5 sec ->15 sec Summon Seraphim the Unicorn Summon Magnus the Unicorn Summon Nightshade Summon Spectral Lord Summon Feline Queen Summon Feline King Cooldown time increased for summons skills Steal Blood 1 sec -> 3 sec Mega Storm Strike 1 sec ->3 sec Whiplash 1 sec -> 3 sec Tidal Wave 2 sec -> 5 sec Spin Splash 2 sec -> 3 sec Slash 1 sec -> 2 sec static time Here you can find only skills changes. Some of changes for balance we made on server side OLYMPIAD Olympiad System: classic-like without full buff/potions (Before Kamael update) Matches day: Monday to Saturday. Olympiad duration: Weekly heroes. Olympiad time: From 22:30 - 00:30 GMT+2 Maximum Matches: 5 per day Class games: disabled Maximum accounts/HWID: 1 SIEGES Day of Siege: Sunday Cycle: Every week. Time of Sieges: 22:00 GMT+2 Available castles: Giran GENERAL CLAN INFORMATION Maximum level of clan: 5 Maximum members: 80 Time to change leader: Instantly without restart needed. Penalty for leave clan: 24h. Penalty for dispell clan member: none. FARM ZONES NO SOCIAL, NO AGRO MOBS. Abandoned Camp - Gludin - Lv 21+ Gorgon Flower Garden - Giran - Lv 31+ Death Pass - Giran - Lv 35+ Sea of Spores - Oren - Lv 40+ Cruma Tower - Dion - Lv 40+ Cemetery - Aden - 50+ Fields of Massacre - Aden - Lv 55+ Plains of Glory - Aden - Lv 60+ War-Torn plains - Aden - Lv 67+ PENALTY FOR DROP AND EXP Colour of mob’s name Difference in lvls XP penalty Drop penalty Target’s name +11 and more no XP no penalty Target’s name Target’s name Target’s name Target’s name Target’s name +10 +9 +8 +7 +6 no XP no XP no XP 60% 80% no penalty no penalty no penalty no penalty no penalty Target’s name Target’s name Target’s name +5 +4 +3 no penalty no penalty no penalty no penalty no penalty no penalty Target’s name -2 ~ +2 no penalty no penalty Target’s name Target’s name Target’s name -3 -4 -5 no penalty no penalty no penalty no penalty no penalty no penalty Target’s name Target’s name Target’s name Target’s name Target’s name -6 -7 -8 -9 -10 80% 60% no XP no XP no XP light penalty average penalty average penalty serious penalty no trophies Target’s name -11 and more no XP no trophies COSTUME SYSTEM There exist 5 different types of the same costume; as higher the type is, cooler your animation will be and better boost of XP you will get!. Standard (+5% XP Gain Bonus) + stats Advanced (+10% XP Gain Bonus) + stats Rare (+20% XP Gain Bonus) + stats Legendary (+30% XP Gain Bonus) + stats Mythic (+50% XP Gain Bonus) + stats LEARNING SKILLS Auto-learning till level 75, except Shadow and Light Master lvl 2 (book require) Third class skills will remain retail. SP and Spellbook requiered. EVENTS *Concept can be changed util start
  5. Apply these changes in the server,and actually will be the best. ----RAID BOSSES.--- Every Rb from lvl 65-80 Should have pvp zones around. This will make the server so much better,with so much more forced pvp. Even randoms will have to do pvp if they want RBs. How to force this thing? Well make sure that inside the pvp zone the exp is not lost/make that once u hit the RB u get a debuff that gets u flagged for "x mins" (ex.30 mins) and the exp is not lost while u have the debuff. As soon as u go in any town u loose the Debuff. EPIC BOSSES. Same thing for EPIC BOSSES. Make that every time an epic boss respawns a massage on the screen will appear,Make that inside the boss zone each pvp will give a reward,such as L-Coin,sp scrool,Cp pots etc. ---RATES AND LAMPS.--- Disabling lamps after new stage will be the best option for a halthier server. So we know that most of tryhards "abused" the lamp system now they have 300+lamps at level 65 and with that the level 75 after the new stage is done just by lamps. This Chronicle is so easy that is almost impossible to make a long term server...as we saw there were people that made level 65 in 3days. LEVEL 65 IN A 3X SERVER. Ok let's say we wanted a fast start but know it's time to make thing serious.AND HOW? 1)DISABLE LAMPS AFTER LEVEL 65. 2)DECREASE RATES OF EXP AFTER LEVEL 70 FROM 3X TO 1X. TOP PLAYERS ARE GETTING BORED BECAUSE THEY HIT LEVEL 65 AFTER 3 DAYS. JUST PUT IT TO 1X FOR 3-4WEEKS AND THE TOP PLAYERS WILL BE THERE STILL FARMING AND NOT GETTING BORED. 3)DECREASE RATES OF FULL DROPS...i think there are already alot of B items for a 3x (in just 1 week there are already alot OF TOP B Weapon, Full B set) 4)INCREASE THE STATS OF RAID BOSSES. Make them actually harder,more hp,more patk.DON'T CHANGE THE STATS OF RBS AS SOON AS PLAYERS START CRYING BECAUSE IT'S TOO HARD.IF THEY CAN'T KILL IT IT'S BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT HIGH ENOUGH OR DON'T HAVE GOOD EQUIP. 5)DISABLE RIFT FOR 1 MONTH. 6)DECREASE RATES OF KEY MATS FOR A GRADE ARMOR. ---AUTO FARM--- What about disabling AUTO FARM when some of epic/bosses respawns. For example as soon as QA/level 65 bosses respawns AUTO Farm is disabled In that way u force some people to just come and make some pvp. How this should work? After QA respawn the auto farm is disabled and every mob that is attacking the char will get killed+The player will get a buff such as stealth in that way Aggro mob doesn't aggro him.As soon as the char attacks a mob/goes in a different zone the buff is cancelled. Now putting this+the reward on epic bosses zones+The non loss exp around bosses will guarantee the pvp i think. I know this thing it's a tryhard move but hey...i'll try anyway. Tell me what do you guys think about this...The server imo needs some changes. IT HAS THE GOOD POPULATION,it's just the chornicle kinda bad,too easy for a 3x. Even a 3x kinda seems like an high rate.
  6. Guys, I haven't played on Remorse before, but from what I've seen in the beta, this is the most promising project in years. I can't be the only one fed up with all the copy-paste java servers out there. In my opinion, this project has the potential to become the next big thing in L2 but the donation shop is key. Of course money is needed to run such a project, but top C from level 1 seems simply too much in a version of the game without level requirement for gear. Getting full items with stats for real money usually dramatically decreases the life expectancy of servers. Also enchant scrolls seemed way too affordable. It's not a good sign to see people casually over-enchanting Top C to +7+8+9 in a matter of days after launch. To me, the problem with this type of server is that people reach endgame way too early. The level limitation system seems interesting here, but still, having too many items at your disposal makes them less valuable, hence you lose interest. What made servers great when Lineage2 came out 15 years ago was the feeling of achievement when you succeeded. My suggestion: make donation mainly for utility and quality of life items /Exp scrolls, runes, private teleport scrolls, costumes, CP pots, blessed resurrection, colour changes, etc./. Perhaps top D gear. Cheap enchant scrolls will result in too much over-enchanted items early. These are my 2 cents on the matter. What do you guys think?
  7. Hi, i think all who allready tryed to test this server saw that we got only main buffs w/o possibility to choose em. I would like to offer buffer changes for adding some main dances/songs for all people. We wont have here players like in core servers 10k+. And most of em will be randoms, so for em will be hard to farm w/o realy needed dances/songs. Adding em will make a lot less people boxing just for buffs, whats anoying. I think people wont come here to play for fun, becouse they will see that no dances/songs. (Boxing = no fun...). Less boxing means more good pvp's to random peaple, what will affect main online and success of server. I think we need vote for dances/songs .

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