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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, guys. During last few days we've got a lot of questions about new buff system. We talked about it with players, with team and at first we though that offline buff system will be perfect for our concept. After deep analyze of offline buff system (we made it today) we found few critical things that can ruin server's stability and economic. So, why such type of buff can have problems? Price can't be controlled - You can find too high or too low prices on market. Tax for buff which should be removed from server = 1320 Adena for each buff. In this case, minimal price that we should to set = 5 000 Adena for each buff. Full buff + dance\song with minimal price will cost 160 000 Adena There're no fast way to find necessary buff - You should to click on each character and check their profession before you're going to get buff. Game client close for us any opportunity to change visual effect for players that providing this service If you have PvP and want to bring back with vengeance system fast - cheapest offline buffers can be without MP and you will loose a lot of adena for nothing (check point 1) As result of this analyze we have: most comfortable system for buff is NPC buff. So, after merge you will have such list of buffs. Buff available only in towns. Duration - 1h
  2. Hello guys how you doing? Our team is very excited of this achievment. Huge online, healthy community for over 4 months and this Merge of our servers will even prolong more our life-time. Not much servers can now-days provide such a great stability and we're more than happy! We are building not a server.. we're close to make THE SERVER and its all thanks to all those thousands of players wich stayed with us and help us with daily feedbacksthis is a dream coming true! THANK YOU SO MUCH! #REMORSE NEVER DIE Reasons for new players to join our project! Stable project. Allredy 5 months online with good online and without wipe. Best files of the market (Classic ones) Best balance of classes CHECK BALANCE HERE Active development and support team. No wipe, you dont lose your progress, time or money invested. Healthy and stable community, no quitters, no server hoppers. We dont pay clans, or provide any in-game advantage to anybody. BONUS ITEMS FOR NEW PLAYERS CHECK NEW PLAYER BONUS HERE Reasons for old players to ome back and play again with us! Your items and progress is still here. While our project is LIVE you allredy played over 6 different servers that opened and wiped every month. But we still here! WE MISS YOU! Our x10 server will merge with our old server and will produce again a huge online wich will prolong even more the life-time of the server. Balanced imported from Essence wich you should defenilty try out! CHECK BALANCE HERE Meet your old friends wich are still playing here! Healthy community, no quitters, no server hoppers. Information about THE MERGE can be found here; Also during the quarantine old players and new players will recive this items, every week Soulshot Tickets - 200 pcs. Dandy's Golden Ball - 2 pcs. Blue Dynasty Transformation Scroll - 2 pcs. Red Zubei Transformation Scroll - 2 pcs Enchant Package: Talisman of Aden - 1 pcs. Talisman of Speed Chest - 1 pcs Enchant Package : Talisman of Eva - 1 pcs My Teleport Scroll - 5 pcs Blessed Scroll of Escape - 5 pcs Fire Dragon Blessing Scroll - 2 pcs

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