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Found 4 results

  1. Hello, guys. During last few days we've got a lot of questions about new buff system. We talked about it with players, with team and at first we though that offline buff system will be perfect for our concept. After deep analyze of offline buff system (we made it today) we found few critical things that can ruin server's stability and economic. So, why such type of buff can have problems? Price can't be controlled - You can find too high or too low prices on market. Tax for buff which should be removed from server = 1320 Adena for each buff. In this case, minimal price that we should to set = 5 000 Adena for each buff. Full buff + dance\song with minimal price will cost 160 000 Adena There're no fast way to find necessary buff - You should to click on each character and check their profession before you're going to get buff. Game client close for us any opportunity to change visual effect for players that providing this service If you have PvP and want to bring back with vengeance system fast - cheapest offline buffers can be without MP and you will loose a lot of adena for nothing (check point 1) As result of this analyze we have: most comfortable system for buff is NPC buff. So, after merge you will have such list of buffs. Buff available only in towns. Duration - 1h
  2. Предлагаю дать возможность бафать своих питомцев/сумонов отдельно, игра станет комфортнее на сумонерах, дарк эвенджере Аргументы: 1)каждый класс имеет фулбаф в свободном доступе 2)питомец и его баф неотъемлемая часть юзающего класса 3)желание выдрачивать топ локации в фул физ билде отсутствует (так как например у нас есть МП банки) 4)стоит добавить, что при смерти пета/сумона баф вновь призванного будет такой же как и у владельца I propose to give the opportunity to buff your pets / sumons separately, the game will be more comfortable on the Sumoners, Dark Avenger. Arguments: 1) each class has a free access full buff 2) the pet and his bafaus are an integral part of the class 3) desire to exp in the top location in the full physical build (because, for example, we have MP bottle). 4) it should be added that at the death of pet/summon, the newly called buff will be the same as the owner
  3. I would like to discuss the time of the buff, the proposal to add additional lines with the variability of the time of the buff to the existing buff, let's say 4h \ 8h for a great price in relation to the price of time, but remove the ability to rebuild for free if you have a buff for 4h \ 8h to leave only the opportunity if you chose 1 hour buff I think because it is not the main buff but the auxiliary one, then this has a place to be.
  4. After several days of intern discussion and after reading community's feedback our team took a final decision with the buffer topic which we think is the most balanced for both casual/solo players and organized groups. Also, we took the decision to delay some items availability from L-Store such as Jewel Box and Shining Jewel Box, Combat / Dragon scrolls and Sayha's scrolls and will now have limit of level in order to purchase of Lv65. How does buffer works? Players receive 14 buffs from Buffer NPC "Goddess Blessing" in every town. Level of buffs received depending on average character's level of the server. The average character's level of the server is updated every day at 6:30 AM. Buffer Fee. Goddess Blessing is free for characters below level 40. For characters level 40+ each buff of Goddess of Blessing has an 1320 adena fee up to a maximum of 18480 adena fee (14 buffs). Refill effect time without fee. Available buff's; Clarity, Berserker Spirit, Wild Magic, Empower, Acumen, Shield, Might, Magic Barrier, Wind Walk, Haste, Death Whisper, Focus, Recover MP, Recover HP Display of icons depend on Race but effects are the same (Just visual) Kamaels Orcs Dark Elfs ; Elfs and Humans Dwarfs

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