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  1. Magician from Elmoreden announced the season of fairy lights! Merchant Bliss could not miss such a great occasion, so he has visited the villages of Elmoreden again to sell as much of his enchanted firewoods as possible. His outlandish pieces of wood have some features: in order to start a fire, you need to use a Magic Fan and its skills, and to inflate the flame in a very short period of time from a small spark. Login to Episode x10 and light fires! EVENT PERIOD Main Period: 09.05.2020 - 18.05.2020 16:00 (Pieces of Wood will start drop from mobs and NPC Bliss will arrive to the world) 19.05.2020 - all Pieces of Wood and Woodpiles will be deleted DESCRIPTION Step 1: Collect Event Items Hunt monsters in Elmoreden and get the Magic Fire Event Items as an additional loot. But remember: a standard drop penalty is applied to the event items. If a character is hunting low-level monsters, he is unlikely to get event items. Piece of Wood - Give to Bliss to receive a Magic Woodpile Step 2. Get a Woodpile Find Magic Fire Merchant Bliss in any town and exchange gathered event items for Magic Woodpiles and Large Magic Woodpiles. A Magic Woodpile can be burned with 1 character while a Large Magic Woodpile needs at least 3 characters, so call your friends for help. You have 40 seconds to burn Magic Woodpile and 55 seconds to burn Large Magic Woodpile. The reward from a bonfire drops onto the ground. If you're in the party, the reward is distributed according to the Looting Rights settings. Exchange Rate: Required Items Received Item Piece of Wood x 20 Adena 7 625 ➟ Magic Woodpile x 1 Piece of Wood x 100 Adena 35 000 ➟ Large Magic Woodpile x 1 Step 3: Burn it with fire! Magic Woodpiles are enchanted, so they can be burned only with a Magic Fan. The Magic Fan is a collectible item that you can request from NPC Bliss. There are no restrictions on getting a fan. Magic Fans cost 10 000 of Adena. Regardless of the color, the Magic Fan gives two active skills: Breeze and Gust. The skills can be found in the Item Skill category of the skill window: Just hurry! You have less than a minute to have time to inflate the Magic Fire with the Magic Fan skills before the bonfire goes out. Please be careful not to burn yourself! Step 4. Get your reward! If the burning was successful, you will get the reward from the list (check out the spoilers below). Rewards differ by the type of a woodpile. Magic Woodpile reward list Large Magic Woodpile reward list Have great adventures and warm autumn evenings around the bonfire!

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