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  1. Hello everybody! We will have an open Podcast on the 04.04 17:00 GMT+2 for all english speaking people of our server. Everybody can join. We will talk together about the plans for the project and answer questions to all players. Everybody can participate. Just make sure you will be on the #podcast voice channel in our discord. For russian speaking players it will be on the 05.04 17:00 GMT+2
  2. Hi there, seems like it's time to share our yearly plan with you. What you can expect from Remorse team and what was already done. First of all we need to thanks all of you. Some one will say that we changed some mechanic during server live but other will say that it wasn't. Both of will have right. When our dev team received old files, we didn't expect that so much global mechanics will have problems. But we tried to find all issues before start and you didn't find a lot of broken things after start. Yes, we're only 3. Yes. sometimes we haven't even opportunity to test all due less amount of peoples. But we launch beta for 1 month and expect for feedback. It was our miss, beta will haven't feedback, never... So all fixes that was set on server had the opportunity to be provided much more early. You should to understand that Classic have basic mechanics that couldn't be removed and should works correctly. We still working with files to provide you best quality and, as we can see, our work have success. Other projects can't be alive even via 2 weeks. We did it and we proud of it. We proud our players, we trying to create our strong team. Team it's much more than admins. Team it's all players, all admins and all opinions. Team is a family, is a friends. We proud that we have success on this. All of you is our team, our family! Thank you for all! We wan't to create strong team with solid relationships for a years. That's why you should to know about our plans. For current episode we have such plans QA with team - we will announce 2 different dates for ru and eng speaking players New PvP 3x3 event - date will be announced asap New ways for kamael weapons - RP system, RB drop, Team Match Balance for high-level locations - with adena and mobs strength Raid points system will have expand - Party member teleport scroll, Transformation scrolls, PK scrolls, Chef's stews, Noblesse scrolls, Song\Dance scrolls, Proof of Blood. New PvE events - The smaller the better, Red Libra, Orc Attack, Mammon`s Secret Store, Lucky Golden Wheel and so on Fixes and balancing still will be our main owm COVID-19 makes all of us sadly and bothered. We don't know when this pandemic will've end but we hope that it will be finished soon. According our minds about this situation we want to announce new episode for our project. PvP episode! In the end of April we will provide you PvP episode based on Kamael chronicles. With full buff, with mana potion, with modern concept. It will be nice opportunity for all players who was scared with low rate to try something better then general classic projects on market. At least we hope so. We don't need rmt, bots, paid-up traitors. It will never gives to all of us nothing good and especially healthy for project and your enjoy. Sadly but true. In our days big projects set bad trend and makes peoples play for money only. All of them will leave when they will've other purpose with same amount of money. They always will choose fresh project due rmt. This story not about Remorse, it's not our way. Any advertise is good but it shouldn't have bad consequences for project, especially when owners put their souls on it. Income should provide the way to deal project bills but it shouldn't be a most important thing in owners life. Lineage 2 on current market was fully washed-up due this. It's not good for our favorite game. Now we should to stop talking about disappointing things and will speak about good news. So we have: New pvp episode based on Kamael on April. Approximate rate x10. This episode will have merge with current project Kamael 3x after 3 weeks, It will gives fresh blood for our current server with necessary gear and level to makes your game more intensive and funny. Also, it will be nice opportunity for all players who was scared with low rate to try something new. In Autumn you will have a chance to feel some nostalgia. New episode Zaken will open doors for you. Old features with new client. We will use current client for Zaken episode but all global mechanic from Zaken will take place at any case. It will be low-rate episode with some new features. But for now is too early for full description. This episode will have merge too, but it will not be fast. Merge will gives players from Zaken episode chronicle update and main server will have new blood. So, as we can see, current episode Kamael will be our main server and will be alive for a long time. Sincerely yours, @Desert @Real1st @Remorse
  3. Hi there! We're really happy that after 1 month we have opportunity to make you a small gift. Hope you will enjoy with it. All current players will receive: https://l2wiki.com/classic/XP_%26_SP_Rune_50%#7 d. (Lv. 1-75) Raid Lucky Charm 7 days (Available for 7 days. When in inventory, chance of dropping items after death -50%, XP penalty -50%. Cannot be used by chaotic characters https://l2wiki.com/classic/Rune_of_Boost https://l2wiki.com/classic/Soulshot_Ticket - 200 pcs All new players will receive Box with https://l2wiki.com/classic/XP_%26_SP_Rune_50%#7 d. (Lv. 1-75) (can be opened at necessary time) Raid Lucky Charm 7 days (Available for 7 days. When in inventory, chance of dropping items after death -50%, XP penalty -50%. Cannot be used by chaotic characters https://l2wiki.com/classic/Rune_of_Boost Weapon Exchange Coupon - 2 pcs (can be used on Game Assistant to receive D grade enchanted weapon) Magic Lamp Charging Potion - 15 pcs https://l2wiki.com/classic/Shining_Jewel_Box - 10 pcs https://l2wiki.com/classic/Brooch_Lv._1 30 days - 1 pcs From now during hunting with certain chance you can receive L-Coin Pouch (double click to obtain 20-100 L-coins) Raid Lucky Charm formula
  4. New Raid Point system already on board! From now you will receive special points after RB death. RB will not give points if your difference in level more than 9 (+/-). You can exchange it for some items on Game Assistant window. At this moment you can get L-Coin Pouch (double click to obtain 20-100 L-coins - 10 Raid Points Raid Lucky Charm 7 days (Available for 7 days. When in inventory, chance of dropping items after death -50%, XP penalty -50%. Cannot be used by chaotic characters - 100 Raid Points Item list can be updated Current info about your RP can be found at character status window Info about points that you can receive for RB can be found in tables below Bosses lvl 20-29 Bosses lvl 30-39 Bosses lvl 40-49 Bosses lvl 50-59 Bosses lvl 60-69 Bosses lvl 70-79 Bosses lvl 80-89
  5. General information Characters level 70 and above, who have completed the second class transfer can take part in the Olympiad. Olympiad cycle lasts for one week. Extra-class fights are held from Monday to Saturday from 23:30 to 00:30 server time. No class fights. You can take part in competitions up to 5 times a day. The battles at the Olympiad are held in 3 types of arenas: During the competition, the Olympiad icon appears to the left of the minimap. To open the Olympiad window, click on this icon. Olympiad window can also be opened by the “/olympiadstat” command. Additionally, the statistics of the Olympiad are displayed in the system chat: the number of points, victories and defeats. In the Olympiad window, you can apply for participation in competitions and see the results of past fights. The Olympiad is reset to 30 every Monday with the start of a new cycle. The first place for each of the classes after the end of the cycle is transferred to the state of expectation of Heroism (Monday, 12:00). Heroic Expectation Status allows any character to receive the title of Hero via NPC Monument of Heroes in each city. A character who becomes a Hero gains a special ability - "Heroic Miracle", check “Rewards”. Warning! After registration you character won't be teleported to the Stadium and will get a penalty of 1/5 points (but no more than 10 points) in the following cases: The character has 20% or less free slots available or weight penalty is more than 80%. The character is being teleported. The character is fishing. The character is dead. The character initiated a log out or choosing a character screen After teleportation to the stadium you have 60 seconds to get ready and to get buffs from Olympiad Host. Lvl Skill Name Description 1 Acumen Casting Spd. +15% for 20 min. 1 Berserker Spirit For 20 min. party member's P. Def. -5%, M. Def. -10%, P. Evasion -2, P. Atk. +5%, M. Atk. +10%, Atk. Spd. +5%, Casting Spd. +5% and Speed +5. 1 Blessed Body For 20 min., Max HP +10%. 1 Blessed Soul For 20 min., Max MP +10%. 1 Haste For 20 min., Atk. Spd. +15%. 1 Magic Barrier M. Def. +23% for 20 min. 1 Might For 20 min., P. Atk. +8%. 1 Shield For 20 min., P. Def. +8%. 1 Wind Walk For 20 min., Speed +20. Olympiad progress During the Olympiad you must sign up for participation in the Olympiad. During the Olympics, a special icon is displayed to the left of the minimap with a countdown of the remaining time. When clicked, the Olympiad window opens. When a character is teleported to arena: All the buffs and the debuffs cast before are removed and in 5 seconds after teleportation НР, МР and СР are fully restored. Cubes and summoned servants are released when moving to the arena. The timer for second usage of the skills (which could be used in less than 15 minutes) is reset. If during the battle one of the opponents leaves the game, the second opponent wins. If during the battle the server is reset, the battle is cancelled, the participants will not lose any points, the battle will not be counted. The chat is unavailable to the participants; the can't get private messages. Any battle lasts for 6 minutes (it stops when one of the characters is dead). If by the end of the battle both opponents are alive, the winner is the character which has inflicted more damage during the battle. Battle result The reward consists of Olympiad points. The points go from the loser to the winner. The more points a character has, the more points they can lose. Once the battle is over, you can check the damage received by the participants. You can see the total damage received in the corresponding column in the line related to your character. Battle rewards The winner gets Maliss' HP Recovery Potion — 10 pcs., loser – Maliss' HP Recovery Potion — 1 pcs. Potion description: Restores 500 HP. The remaining points are used to restore CP. No reuse time. If there is a draw in battle, no one will receive the potion. A reward is awarded to the inventory before moving from the stadium. There will be no reward at all if the character gets defeated intentionally. Rewards for the Olympiad There are 2 main rewards in the Olympiad. The first one is the Hero status for one calendar week; the second one is Marks of Battle. Marks of Battle can be obtained in exchange for points. The points are awarded for each victory (once the battle is over) and for character’s place in total ranking (when the whole Olympic cycle is over). To get a reward, your character needs to participate in at least 10 battles during the cycle (1 victory is mandatory). Olympiad points In each battle a character either receives points or loses them, depending on the result. The points go from the loser to the winner, the amount of points depends on how many points the opponents have at the moment, but not less than 1 and not more than 10. 1/5 of the minimal amount of points for both is transferred (rounded up) but not more than 10 points. Marks of Battle The character who's got the Hero status, gets additional 75 points ( Mark of Battle — 1500 pcs.) The bonus of 10 points is given to every player for 10 battles and 1 victory Mark of Battle — 200 pcs. When the Olympiad is over, each participant gets a place in total ranking depending on how many points they have. All the participants are divided into categories. There's one rating for all classes, so if you're a Hero of your class it doesn't mean you're to be in top 1% of the general ranking. Rank Place Amount of Marks of Battle given 1 Top 1% 50 points https://l2wiki.com/classic/Mark_of_Battle — 1000 pcs. 2 Top 10% 80 points https://l2wiki.com/classic/Mark_of_Battle — 400 pcs. 3 Top 25% 12 points https://l2wiki.com/classic/Mark_of_Battle — 250 pcs. 4 Top 50% 7 points https://l2wiki.com/classic/Mark_of_Battle — 150 pcs. 5 Below 50% 4 points https://l2wiki.com/classic/Mark_of_Battle — 75 pcs. The total amount of Marks of Battle is given based on the sum of your rewards for your place in total ranking, Hero status and 10 battles with 1 victory. Max. possible reward is 2550 Marks of Battle (if a Hero gets into 1% of the total rating). Mark of Battle exchange For Marks of Battle obtained for your participation in the Olympiad you can get the following: Item Cost Ancient Book: Divine Inspiration (Modern Language) 12,000,000 Mark of Battle — 2037 pcs. Ancient Book: Divine Inspiration (Original Language) 15,000,000 Mark of Battle — 3961 pcs. Blessed Agathion's Soul 10,000,000 Mark of Battle — 1132 pcs. Clan Reputation Score - 10 50,000 Mark of Battle — 57 pcs. Elixir of Life Mark of Battle — 8 pcs. Elixir of Mind Mark of Battle — 13 pcs. Hero’s Talisman - Attack 1,000,000 Mark of Battle — 787 pcs. Hero’s Talisman - Defense 1,000,000 Mark of Battle — 787 pcs. High-grade MP Replenishing Potion 15,000 Mark of Battle — 5 pcs. Highest-grade HP Recovery Potion 75,000 Mark of Battle — 24 pcs. Scroll: Enchant A-grade Armor 600,000 Mark of Battle — 272 pcs. Scroll: Enchant A-grade Weapon 4,500,000 Mark of Battle — 1019 pcs. Scroll: Enchant B-grade Armor 200,000 Mark of Battle — 92 pcs. Scroll: Enchant B-grade Weapon 1,250,000 Mark of Battle — 283 pcs. Sealed Rune Lv. 1 123,483 Mark of Battle — 140 pcs. Spellbook Chest - 3rd Class Transfer 5,640,000 Mark of Battle — 1480 pcs. Superspeed Potion 25,000 Mark of Battle — 29 pcs. Talisman of Battle - Liberate 5,000,000 Mark of Battle — 1587 pcs. XP/ SP Scroll 100,000 Mark of Battle — 114 pcs. The winner is the character who scored the most points in his class at the time the Olympiad cycle ended.Hero status rewards A character who becomes a Hero gains a heroic skill for the duration of the rank: Heroic Miracle Main effect: Max HP +850. During attack Atk. Spd., Casting Spd. and Speed are increased. The buff of continual MP recovery is activated. Trigger effect: Atk. Spd. by +100, Casting Spd. +100, Speed +20. Continual MP recovery is activated. Cooldown: 100 sec. When the Hero’s status expires, the skill is automatically deleted. The Hero also receives a distinctive radiant aura around the character, and the character’s equipped weapon begins to emit bright light. In this case, a character’s equipped cloak receives a “visual cloak” in the form of wings. Characteristics of the character and his items do not increase, only visual effects are added. Special weapon, cloak and diadem are not available anymore. 1000 clan reputation for hero status still available Among other things, the hero has a special chat for sending messages - Hero Chat. To do this, before starting a message in the chat, you need to add the% sign. All messages in this chat are blue. Hero chat can not be disabled in the Settings menu.
  6. PVP event will take place in Tower of Insolence (4+ floor) every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday from 20.00 to 00.00 (server time +2 GMT). Through out all the duration of this event (20:00 to 00:00), Tower of Insolence (4+ floor) zone become combat zone (pvp zone). While the event is running some special monsters will spawn in Tower of Insolence (4+ floor). https://l2wiki.com/classic/Captain_of_Blood_Knights#Type 2 have two spawn waves: at 20:30 and 22:30, those mobs can appear in all farming zones of Tower of Insolence (4+ floor). https://l2wiki.com/classic/Captain_of_Blood_Knights#Type 2 With certain chance you can receive https://l2wiki.com/classic/A-grade_Armor_Supply_Box https://l2wiki.com/classic/Ornament_Supply_Box_(A-grade) https://l2wiki.com/classic/Proof_of_Blood 20-50 pcs. https://l2wiki.com/classic/Captain_of_Blood_Knights#Type 1 have constant appearance and will be available at any time With certain chance you can receive During event https://l2wiki.com/classic/Ornament_Ingredient_Box_-_A-grade https://l2wiki.com/classic/Armor_Ingredient_Box_(A-grade) https://l2wiki.com/classic/Dual_Weapon_Crafting_Stamp https://l2wiki.com/classic/Proof_of_Blood 20-50 pcs. In other time https://l2wiki.com/classic/Dual_Weapon_Crafting_Stamp https://l2wiki.com/classic/Proof_of_Blood 20-50 pcs. During event special zone with Weapon Master Toma will be available. Twice (during event period) you will have opportunity to exchange your https://l2wiki.com/classic/Energy_of_Insolence for one random B-Grade weapon (Include Kamael weapon). It will not be so easy! Only first 20 players can enter special zone. item list Weapon Pack (B-grade)
  7. PRIMER ASEDIO DOMINGO 15 DE MARZO • Todos los domingos a las 22.00 GMT+2. • Tiempo de preparacion empieza a las 20:00 GMT+2 • La duracion del asedio; 1 hora • Todos los clanes nivel 3 o superior pueden inscribirse en el asedio durante el tiempo de preparación. CARACTERISTICAS • Los jugadores no podran moverse de unos a otros durante los asedios. • Miembros de una misma alianza pueden hacerse daño involuntariamente los unos a los otros. (Mismo clan, misma alianza) • Muerte durante los asedios no causa perdida de experiencia. • Si muertes durante el asedio (excepto miembros defensores del castillo) podeis ser revividos en la misma zona; • Los jugadores pueden utilizar "My teleport" durante el asedio. • Clan skills “Imprint of Light” y “Imprint of Darkness” fueron combinadas en una unica skill “Seal of Ruler”; • El reuso de "Seal of Ruler” es de 2 minutos. Sistema de mercenarios Ahora los jugadores podeis inscribiros como mercenarios en un asedio. Cada clan defensor o atacante puede reclutar mercenarios. Para reclutar mercenarios clickea en "Elegir Mercenarios" en la ventana de asedio. Un clan no puede declinar a aquellos que quieren ser mercenarios. Si cualquier jugador quiere participar en el asedio, el clan no puede deshacer la participacion como atacante o defensor de un casillo. Reglas para recultar mercenarios; • Nivel 65 o superior. • No puede ser miembro de un clan que ataque o defienda el castillo • Debe no tener clan. Para convertirse en un mercenario debereis de abrir la venta del asedio y darle a “List of Mercenaries” y seleccionar el clan que quieras ayudar; En cuanto empieze el asedio; • El jugador mercenario cambiara su nick por '***-numero', por ejemplo: ***-001. • Tu clan cambiar temporalmente. • Canales de Clan/alliance/party channel/heroes channel/private estarán inactivos. • Si tu clan se alista como atacante o defensor automaticamente no serás mercenario. Taxes Un lider de clan propietario del castillo puede poner impuestos desde 0% a 30% Los efectos se haran efectivos al dia siguiente a las 00:00 Todas las ciudades mandan sus impuestos a Giran; Los impuestos siempre serán recolectados y recibidos después de cada asedio.
  8. FIRST SIEGES WILL BE 15 OF MARCH - SUNDAY • Siege are held every Sunday from 22.00 GMT+2. • Siege preparation time is from 20:00 GMT+2 • Siege duration 1 hour • Clans of Lv.3 or higher can apply for siege participation during the siege preparation. Features • Characters can’t move through each other during the siege; • Ally characters can involuntarily attack each other (members/mercenaries of the same clan); • Death during a siege does not cause experience loss penalty; • If a siege participant dies (except members of a clan defending the castle) he can be revived in a special area; • A player can use “Teleport” and “My Teleports” during the siege; • Clan skills “Imprint of Light” and “Imprint of Darkness” were combined into one skill “Seal of Ruler”; • “Seal of Ruler” reuse time is 2 minutes. Mercenary system Now players can join a siege as a mercenary; Each clan registered for attack or defence can recruit mercenaries. To recruit mercenaries click on “Choose mercenaries” button in the siege information screen; A clan cannot refuse to those who want to become mercenaries. If there are any requests from players to participate in a siege, a clan cannot deny registration for attacking or defending the castle. Mercenaries recruitment rules: • Lv. 65 and higher. • Member of a clan not registered for attacking or defending the castle. • Non-Clan member character. • If a character’s clan is at war with a clan sieging the castle this character cannot take part in siege as a mercenary. To become a mercenary a player should click on “List of Mercenaries” icon in the siege information screen and choose a clan he wants to fight for; As soon as request for a siege is submitted: • Character’s name changes to '***-number', for example: ***-001. • Clan membership temporarily changes. • Clan/alliance/party channel/heroes channel/private messages chat is blocked. • Hiring as a mercenary is cancelled if a character’s clan registers for a siege or defence. A mercenary can be invited to a party by choosing his character; After the siege is over the party with a mercenary is disbanded; A character hired by another clan cannot be invited to a party. Effect for highlighting a sign of attacking and defending leaders in Siege Zone has been added. Badges size of clan members and mercenaries is smaller than leader’s badge size; When a clan leader or an ordinary clan member is typing a message in a chat a special icon indicating clan membership appears; A character receives a part of tax collected during a week between sieges as a reward for fighting as a mercenary and active participation in a sieg Mercenary character receives a reward only in case a clan hired him won the siege. Taxes A clan leader with the help of Chamberlain can impose a tax from 0% to 30%; A changed tax rate takes effect at midnight the next day; All the merchants in the castle are assigned to Giran and all the collected taxes are sent to Giran; Collected taxes are temporarily stored and are sent to the castle's treasury right after the siege.
  9. Обновление L-STORE Привет, друзья! Сегодня мы добавили несколько интересных предметов в наш Магазин L, они никак не влияют на баланс. Чтобы увидеть обновленный ассортимент - нужно запустить updater Magic trumpet на 30 дней увеличивает количество ежедневных сообщений для мирового чата на 20. - 1.500 L-coins Трансформации для торговли. Книга дает постоянное умение, время действия трансформации 1 час. One-eyed ParaPara Cat 800 L-coins Merchant ParaPara Cat 800 L-coins Fercious ParaPara Cat 800 L-coins Charming ParaPara Cat 800 L-coins Smiling ParaPara Cat 800 L-coins Kai ParaPara Cat 1000 L-coins Summon scroll : Magic Warehouse. На 30 дней (Дает возможность призвать хранилище и +12 мест в инвентаре) 1.000 L-coins
  10. L-STORE UPDATE. Hola hemos añadido nuevos items en el L-Store. Para ver los nuevos items deberéis ejecutar el Updater. Magic trumpet por 30 dias +20 World chat /diarios. - 1.500 L-coins Trade transformations. One-eyed ParaPara Cat 800 L-coins Merchant ParaPara Cat 800 L-coins Fercious ParaPara Cat 800 L-coins Charming ParaPara Cat 800 L-coins Smiling ParaPara Cat 800 L-coins Kai ParaPara Cat 1000 L-coins Summon scroll : Magic Warehouse. 30d (Puedes summonear un warehouse y te da +12 slots en el inventario) 1.000 L-coins
  11. L-STORE UPDATE. Hello everybody we added today certain visual items on our L-Store in order to see it you should run our updater. Magic trumpet for 30 days you will have +20 daily world chats. - 1.500 L-coins Trade transformations. One-eyed ParaPara Cat 800 L-coins Merchant ParaPara Cat 800 L-coins Fercious ParaPara Cat 800 L-coins Charming ParaPara Cat 800 L-coins Smiling ParaPara Cat 800 L-coins Kai ParaPara Cat 1000 L-coins Summon scroll : Magic Warehouse. 30d (You can summon Warehouse and +12 Inventory slots) 1.000 L-coins
  12. Hola a todos! Mañana 03.03.2020 una hora tras matar la Queen Ant se desbloqueara la segunda fase del servidor SIN NECESIDAD DE RESTART en la que el maximo nivel será aumentado de 65 a 75. Nos gustaria recordar los objetivos de esta segunda fase para desbloquar la siguiente. Los requisitos minimos para abrir la fase 3 son; Condiciones necesarias; Puntuacion: 10 000 000 Zaken's muertos: 4 Clan Arenas (lvl 11-23) completados: 4 Como conseguir puntos? Personajes con segunda profesion: 200 puntos Personajes con nivel 65: 300 puntos Personajes con nivel 75: 5 000 puntos Completar quest "Saga Legend" : 10 000 puntos Por cada item grado B: 200 puntos Matar Queen Ant: 40 000 puntos Matar Zaken: 250 000 puntos Clan Arena 1-5: 50 000 puntos Clan Arena 11-15: 250 000 puntos LA INFORMACION DENTRO DEL JUEGO SOBRE LAS FASES SE ACTUALIZA CADA HORA. Recordar que en la segunda fase tambien aumentaran las stats y niveles de los epicos (Cambios se haran efectivos despues del restart del 04.03.2020) Queen Ant del 60 al 70 Orfen del 60 al 70 Core del 60 al 70 Recordamos a todo el mundo que podeis recibir un reward "Rash Supply box" cada vez que un epico sea derrotado unicamento estando vivo y a 2500 de rango en el momento en el que es derrotado sin necesidad de participar en su derrota. Martes, Jueves, Sabado- Queen Ant a las 22:00 GMT+2. Martes, Jueves, Sabado- Core a las 23:00 GMT+2. Lunes, Miercoles, Viernes- Orfen a las 22:00 GMT+2 Lunes, Miercoles, Viernes- Zaken a las 22:00 GMT+2 Viernes - Baium a las 23:00 GMT +2 Domingo- Antharas a las 23:00 GMT+2 A cerca de las LAMPS Todo los jugadores recibiran 10 Magic Lamps potions. Recogeremos toda la informacion de las LANTERNS y las convertiremos en experiencia de la MAGIC LAM. Maxima conversion es de 35 magic lamp games. Por ejemplo, si tienes 14 laterns en tu inventario y 5 games. Despues del restart tendras 19 games. RECOMENDAMOS QUE GASTEIS TODAS LAS LAMPS ANTES DEL STAGE 2. Tambien recordar que los items de la L-Store que tenian limite ya estarán disponibles; Sayha buff scroll. 150 L-Coins . Minimo nivel para comprar es ; 65 10/diarios. Battle Scroll. 50 L-coins. Minimo nivel para comprar es ; 65 Elmoreden Cloak 1500 L-coins and 5000000 Adenas . Minimo nivel para comprar es ; 70 Ferios cloak 1500 L-coins and 5000000 Adenas . Minimo nivel para comprar es ; 70 Enchant box Talisman of Eva 500 L-Coins. Minimo nivel para comprar es ; 70 Talisman of Authority Fragment 600 L-Coins. Minimo nivel para comprar es ; 70 Radiant Jewlery Box 300 L-Coins + 600000 Adena. Minimo nivel para comprar es ; 65 Shining Jelwery Box 30 L-coins + 100000 Adena. Minimo nivel para comprar es ; 65 Dragon Essence. 400 L-coins ASEDIOS Giran : 15 de Marzo Tiempo de preparacion 2 horas antes del asedio.. 20:00 GMT+2 Asedio empieza a las 22:00 GMT+2 Duracion 1 hora.
  13. Hello guys! Tomorrow 03.03.2020 one hour after Queen Ant is defeated we will direclty open next stage WIHOUT SERVER RESTART of the server wich will increase max level of characters up to 75. We would like to remind you the requierements in order to unlock Stage 3. Minimum Requirements for Disclosing the Third Stage of the Limit Necessary Conditions Amount of points: 10 000 000 Zaken killed: 4 Clan Arenas (lvl 11-23) closed: 4 How you can obtain some points? Character with a second profession: 200 points Character with lvl 65: 300 points Character with lvl 75: 5 000 points Quest "Saga of Legend: 10 000 points One B-Grade item: 200 points Ant Queen death: 40 000 points Zaken death: 250 000 points Clan Arena 1-5: 50 000 points Clan Arena 11-15: 250 000 points INFORMATION INSIDE GAME ABOUT STAGE WILL ALWAYS UPDATE AUTOMATICLY EVERY HOUR. Remember that Epic bosses will increase level and stats. (This changes will apply after restart of Wednesday 04.03.2020) Queen Ant from 60 to 70 Orfen from 60 to 70 Core from 60 to 70 We remaind that everybody can participate on Epics and get Rash Supply just beeing on 2500 range and alive of epic when hes defeated without needed to hit him. Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday - Queen Ant at 22:00 GMT+2. Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday - Core at 23:00 GMT+2. Monday, Wednesday, Friday - Orfen at 22:00 GMT+2 Monday, Wednesday, Friday - Zaken at 22:00 GMT+2 Friday - Baium at 23:00 GMT +2 Sunday - Antharas at 23:00 GMT+2 About Lamps All character will receive 10 magics lamp charging potion We will collect all info about all lanterns and convert it to Magic Lamp exp. Maximum convertation is 35 magic lamp games. As example you have 14 lanterns + 5 game. After server restart you will receive 19 games) WE STRONGLY SUGGEST YOU TO USE ALL YOUR LAMPS TODAY BEFORE STAGE 2 Remind that on stage 2 you can adquire the items from L-Store wich had level-limit and where not available from start. Sayha buff scroll. 150 L-Coins . Minimum level of purchase 65. Max purchase of 10/day. Battle Scroll. 50 L-coins. Minimum level of purchase 65 Elmoreden Cloak 1500 L-coins and 5000000 Adenas . Minimum level of purchase 70. Ferios cloak 1500 L-coins and 5000000 Adenas . Minimum level of purchase 70. Enchant box Talisman of Eva 500 L-Coins. Minimum level of purchase 70. Talisman of Authority Fragment 600 L-Coins. Minimum level of purchase 70. Radiant Jewlery Box 300 L-Coins + 600000 Adena. Minimum level of purchase 65. Shining Jelwery Box 30 L-coins + 100000 Adena. Minimum level of purchase 65. Dragon Essence. 400-Lcoins SIEGES Giran Sieges will be sunday 15 of March. Time of preparation 2 hours before siege. 20:00 GMT+2 server time. Siege will start 22:00 GMT+2 Duration 1 hour.
  14. Hello! most of you played in our first server so you can yourself check how project progressed with time. We are more than happy to improve our project time to time with good feedback we allredy working on this project over 1 year and its always better and better as you can see yourself. We are more than happy to gather feedback and take it in consideration in order to improve player experience in our server. We allredy proved most of you that the only thing we want us you to enjoy the project and a server to be good needs time and experience and the most important thing is requieres patience from players. Thats why I make the poll and post, because I'm interested in opinions and feedback and defenitly will take in consideration and if majoritary of community agree we will do changes. But defently the way you and some other players do this kind of "suggestions" is not the right way. I'm looking forward to see your opinions and arguments in forum and in base of that we will take a decision in a maximum of 2 days. Peace out

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