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Hello guys how you doing? Our team is very excited of this achievment. Huge online, healthy community for over 4 months and this Merge of our servers will even prolong more our life-time. Not much servers can now-days provide such a great stability and we're more than happy!
We are building not a server.. we're close to make THE SERVER and its all thanks to all those thousands of players wich stayed with us and help us with daily feedbacksthis is a dream coming true! THANK YOU SO MUCH! #REMORSE NEVER DIE

Reasons for new players to join our project!

  • Stable project. Allredy 5 months online with good online and without wipe.
  • Best files of the market (Classic ones)
  • Best balance of classes CHECK BALANCE HERE
  • Active development and support team.
  • No wipe, you dont lose your progress, time or money invested.
  • Healthy and stable community, no quitters, no server hoppers.
  • We dont pay clans, or provide any in-game advantage to anybody.
Reasons for old players to ome back and play again with us!
  • Your items and progress is still here.
  • While our project is LIVE you allredy played over 6 different servers that opened and wiped every month. But we still here! WE MISS YOU!
  • Our x10 server will merge with our old server and will produce again a huge online wich will prolong even more the life-time of the server.
  • Balanced imported from Essence wich you should defenilty try out! CHECK BALANCE HERE
  • Meet your old friends wich are still playing here!
  • Healthy community, no quitters, no server hoppers.
Information about THE MERGE can be found here;


Also during the quarantine old players and new players will recive this items, every week
  • 7114e50c6e357fe34d2419608c57bdb8.png
    Soulshot Tickets - 200 pcs.
  • Item 46254.jpg
    Dandy's Golden Ball - 2 pcs.
  • Item 70801.jpg
    Blue Dynasty Transformation Scroll - 2 pcs.
  • Item 70802.jpg
    Red Zubei Transformation Scroll - 2 pcs
  • Enchant Package: Talisman of Aden
    Enchant Package: Talisman of Aden - 1 pcs.
  • 77e445f7b9d9ae7f89f74d8e061f4fd1.png
    Talisman of Speed Chest - 1 pcs
  • e733709cdba86b2c35b890aaea8d495a.png
    Enchant Package : Talisman of Eva - 1 pcs
  • afc2ba7dd3712d26cf0058994af19193.png
    My Teleport Scroll - 5 pcs
  • 4087d93ad3b850a6d0172ed3e88986fe.png
    Blessed Scroll of Escape - 5 pcs
  • Skill 59575 1.jpg
    Fire Dragon Blessing Scroll - 2 pcs
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