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Successful launching, great players on both servers and COVID...still COVID. So. why not? We have small gift from our team for you. Nothing special, just to make your another day in self-isolation some better!

Each active player receive:
  • 7114e50c6e357fe34d2419608c57bdb8.png
    Soulshot Tickets - 200 pcs.
  • Item 46254.jpg
    Dandy's Golden Ball - 2 pcs.
  • image.png
    Transformation Sealbook: Standard/ High-grade - 1 pcs.
  • Enchant Package: Talisman of Aden
    Enchant Package: Talisman of Aden - 1 pcs.
  • 77e445f7b9d9ae7f89f74d8e061f4fd1.png Talisman of Speed Chest - 1 pcs
  • e733709cdba86b2c35b890aaea8d495a.png
    Enchant Package : Talisman of Eva - 1 pcs
  • 67df92f691cf7dc192a3a37229d759c6.png My teleport Book - 1 pcs
  • afc2ba7dd3712d26cf0058994af19193.png
    My Teleport Scroll - 5 pcs
  • 4087d93ad3b850a6d0172ed3e88986fe.png
    Blessed Scroll of Escape - 5 pcs
Enjoy this day!
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