Lineage 2 @ Unreal Engine 4

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Hello guys!

Since most of you know Lineage 2 even on newest clients like Essence are using an old engine, Unreal Engine 2. A team leaded by Wreaper is working over 4 years to deliver for you Lineage 2 fans a client with new graphics based in Unreal Engine 4 . We will do wathever we can in order to speed it up and in the future bring it to our community and our players, from today every donation wich server recieve we will designate some quantity to finish this awesome and insane piece of art.

When will it will be available?
There is no ETA.

When can we test it?
Soon there will be a Closed beta test for test the optimization with 300 people in frame.
We will announce it on discord.

Do you want to contribute?

Contact in our discord {CWO}_Wreaper#3575 wich is leading the development of this project
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