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RELEASE DATE : 7.11.2020

Hello everybody! As you all know we're working on a new chronicle based on classic (Using last Classic - Tiwan update - client).
And we would like community to Actively participate in the development.

We would like to hear your ideas based on your experience as players meanwhile our project manager develops the final concept.

What would you modify / add / remove / create?

Those who participate actively in our development phase providing ideas will be invited to a private beta when it releases.

This is all new features the new server files can provide . We can enable, rework or disable any of them incluiding any old feature of any classic chronicle or non classic chronicle, everything is possible just provide us with your ideas and help us with the developing of this new chronicle.

What features does the new files / client contain?

  1. New* Hunting Zones
  2. New* Clan System
  3. New* PvP Ranking System
  4. New* Random Craft System.
  5. New* Blessed Weapon System
  6. New* Elixir items were added.
  7. Vanilla Donation Shop.
  8. New* Black Market
And much more!

Our team will answer any question related to the project that players might have on this post.
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