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    General Server Features.

    GENERAL SERVER FEATURES - SKILLED CONCEPT OPENING TIME 11.12.2020 18:00 GMT+0 Server time. 19:00 (Spain) 21:00 (Moscow) 15:00 GMT-3 (Argentina) x10 EXP x10 SP x4 Adena x2 Drop x2 Spoil Raid Boss/Epic Boss drop x1. Max level : 80 Auto-Learn skills enabled on 1st and 2d class. Third class...
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    Where is donation list?
  3. Remorse

    Donation Shop & Services

    L-Coin Store is a special shop where you can buy different Items for special coins called L-Coins. They can be obtained via Donation, trade with other players (via L-Coins Chests), or special events. WEB SERVICES Item Value Box of 1.000 L-Coins 2€ Box of 8.000 L-Coins 8€ Change...
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    Project posponed.

    Hello everybody! We're here to announce that our incoming Classic - Improved has been posponed to 1Q of 2021.
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    Build with us!

    RELEASE DATE : 7.11.2020 Hello everybody! As you all know we're working on a new chronicle based on classic (Using last Classic - Tiwan update - client). And we would like community to Actively participate in the development. We would like to hear your ideas based on your experience as...
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    Lineage 2 @ Unreal Engine 4

    Hello guys! Since most of you know Lineage 2 even on newest clients like Essence are using an old engine, Unreal Engine 2. A team leaded by Wreaper is working over 4 years to deliver for you Lineage 2 fans a client with new graphics based in Unreal Engine 4 . We will do wathever we can in...
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    Hello guys how you doing? Our team is very excited of this achievment. Huge online, healthy community for over 4 months and this Merge of our servers will even prolong more our life-time. Not much servers can now-days provide such a great stability and we're more than happy! We are building not...
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    Важное обновление : Баланс умений

    * ВНИМАНИЕ, ЭТО ТЕСТОВАЯ ВЕРСИЯ И НЕКОТОРЫЕ УМЕНИЯ МОГУТ БЫТЬ ИЗМЕНЕНЫ * Воодушевление и умения с тем же эффектом у ОЛ и ВК Воодушевление ур. 1 - На 20 мин. Маг. Атк. +100 Воодушевление ур. 2 - На 20 мин. Маг. Атк. +200 Воодушевление ур. 3 - На 20 мин. Маг. Атк. +300 Могущество и...
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    Major update : Skill balance.

    *BE AWARE THAT THIS IS A PRELIMINAR VERSION AND SOME OF THE SKILLS MAY CHANGE * Empower and skills with same effect from OL or WC Empower Lv. 1 - M. Atk. +100 for 20 min. ( Old value; +55% M.Atk ) Empower Lv. 2 - M. Atk. +200 for 20 min. ( Old value; +65% M.Atk) Empower Lv. 3 - M. Atk...
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    Новая система тикетов

    Здравствуйте! Сегодня у нас хорошие новости для Вас! Наш проект растет и мы не успеваем отвечать всем и каждому. Чтобы справиться с этой задачей для лучшей поддержки наших игроков мы вынуждены ввести систему "тикетов". Теперь наша техподдержка не будет поддерживаться в дискорде, скайпе...
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    New ticket system.

    Hello!   We have good news! Our project is growing and recenlty we overpass the limit that our team can handle your requests. In order to step up and continue providing you with the best support we have been forced to implement this new ticket system in order to organize our support and...
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    #PlayAtHome #StayWithRemorse

    Успешный запуск, замечательные игроки на обоих серверах и COVID...все еще COVID. А почему бы и да! У нас есть небольшой подарок для вас. Ничего особенного, просто чтобы сделать очередной день вашей самоизоляции немножечко лучше. Каждый действующий игрок нашего проекта получает: Купон на...
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    #PlayAtHome #StayWithRemorse

    Successful launching, great players on both servers and COVID...still COVID. So. why not? We have small gift from our team for you. Nothing special, just to make your another day in self-isolation some better! Each active player receive: Soulshot Tickets - 200 pcs. Dandy's Golden Ball - 2...
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    New Classic x10 episode - 25th April! by Remorse team.

    OPENING INFORMATION. Grand Opening date: 25 of April Server time zone UTC +2 Event Time Announcer - launching RATES/CHRONICLE/MAX WINDOWS EXP/SP: x10 ADENA: x2 DROP: x2 SPOIL: x2 amount RaidBoss Drop: x1 RaidBoss Exp: x1 Epic Boss Drop: x1 Attribute exp: x2 Max windows: 3 Chronicle...
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    Podcast - Community Q/A

    Hello everybody! We will have an open Podcast on the  04.04 17:00 GMT+2 for all english speaking people of our server. Everybody can join. We will talk together about the plans for the project and answer questions to all players. Everybody can participate. Just make sure you will be on the...
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    Remorse project plans for the future.

    Hi there, seems like it's time to share our yearly plan with you. What you can expect from Remorse team and what was already done. First of all we need to thanks all of you. Some one will say that we changed some mechanic during server live but other will say that it wasn't. Both of will have...
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    Bonus for new players

    All new players will receive Box with XP & SP Rune 50%#7 d. (Lv. 1-75) (can be opened at necessary time) Raid Lucky Charm 7 days (Available for 7 days. When in inventory, chance of dropping items after death -50%, XP penalty -50%. Cannot be used by chaotic characters Rune of Boost Weapon...
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    Обновление L-STORE

    Обновление L-STORE Привет, друзья! Сегодня мы добавили несколько интересных предметов в наш Магазин L, они никак не влияют на баланс. Чтобы увидеть обновленный ассортимент - нужно запустить updater Magic trumpet на 30 дней увеличивает количество ежедневных сообщений для мирового чата на 20...
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    L-Store update

    L-STORE UPDATE. Hello everybody we added today certain visual items on our L-Store in order to see it you should run our updater. Magic trumpet for 30 days you will have +20 daily world chats. - 1.500 L-coins Trade transformations. One-eyed ParaPara Cat 800 L-coins Merchant ParaPara Cat...
  20. Remorse

    [Эвент] Подарок каждый день!

    Ежедневно входите в игру и получайте ценные предметы, которые помогут вашему персонажу! Длительность эвента: 24 Февраля 6:30 - 30 Марта 23:00 (5 недель). Каждый день после входа в игру вы будете получать новую награду. Все персонажи, независимо от их уровня и класса, имеют право на участие в...